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Oral herpes symptoms?

I had an encounter a couple weeks ago with a stripper. It included fingering (vaginal and anal) by me, and I stupidly sucked my own fingers after for added lubricant. I also licked her ass briefly.

2-3 days later I started down with a sore throat bad enough to warrant a Covid test. Two days after that a low grade fever started, with the tonsillitis symptoms worsening.

A day after that my fever was 101+ and I couldn’t eat anything or drink anything but water and tea. This lasted two days.

After a couple more days my fever subsided and a couple days after that I was finally able to eat again.

I was advised in the HIV community that I didn’t have a risk (and my symptoms came on too fast and intermittent for ARS). I’m wondering about oral herpes. Does this sound consistent? I did have a full blood panel with STD testing which all came back negative, but I didn’t see HSV as part of that test. (I’m still anxious about my HIV outlook as well).

Please advise if possible. Thank you!!
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Did you kiss her?

If you didn't kiss her, I can't see any real risk for oral herpes. Do you have mouth sores?

There are any number of things that could have caused your illness - the flu, strep, about a dozen different upper respiratory viruses, and I wonder if you got tested for anything other than STIs, besides Covid? Did your doctor do a throat culture?

You could have easily caught a virus at the grocery store as you could have from the stripper - one that isn't sexually transmitted.

In any case, if you had been tested for herpes now, it would have been way too soon to know if you had it from the stripper. If you tested positive, it would have been a pre-existing infection, not a new one.
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Sorry, I failed to mention yes there was one kiss, with light tongue. I also did get a negative strep culture on Day 5 (the day my tonsillitis was bad and my fever began low grade).

The sores in my mouth were in the back of my throat / all over my tonsils. They were white and plentiful. Again, I was unable to swallow without intense pain. The only relief was numbing spray and some Naproxin for the inflammation.

So, if testing at 8 days out (my third trip to the doctor during my illness) would have been inconclusive for Herpes, when should I test? And just to confirm, HIV is a big “Get Out of Here”…right?
As you've been told, you had no risk for HIV.

Honestly, it sounds like you had tonsillitis (as you were told) caused by some random virus going around. There are plenty. I wouldn't totally rule out Covid, either, because testing is very dependent on timing. I'm also not sure how good the tests are with all the new variants. You can research that if you want - this isn't a covid forum.

White patches on your throat isn't herpes. You'd have sores on your lips, and maybe in your mouth, but definitely on your lips, too. They'd be red/pink/gray blisters.

Surely, you've gotten the flu, strep or tonsillitis before? If you're old enough to go into strip clubs, you must have had something like this before. Just because you did some stuff with a stripper doesn't mean it's related.

If you want to test for herpes, get a type specific IgG blood test at 12 weeks. However, please note that the hsv1 test misses a full 30% of infections, and there are a good number of false positives on the hsv2 test. Unless you get actual oral or genital sores, I don't see a big need to test from this encounter.

3.7 billion people under 50 globally  - 67% - have hsv1. The vast majority will never get symptoms. It's very likely you've kissed someone before who has it. You are freaking now because you kissed a stripper and did a little fooling around and got sick. The stripper doesn't have any higher risk of oral herpes than anyone else does.

The news is full of stories about covid, the flu, RSV, enterovirus, norovirus, adenovirus, and many others going around right now. It's just really likely you got one of those. You are better now. That's good. :)

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