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PART 1/2 - HERPES? Red Skin/Groin Pain/Rash/Sores/Nerves

50 partners in past, mostly unprotected in college, 26 now. End of college met girl dated for 3 years. She was tested then but Dr said she had been “exposed to HPV” Broke up last June

10/5 Girl #1 (friend from college) She wanted sex w/o condom (she had unprotected often in college); Insisted on using one but rubbed inside her briefly w/o condom half-hard, quickly washed off.

10/24 Girl #2 I just met. Oral then sex w/o condom for 5 mins. She said she wouldn't have sex w me w/o one, but condom came off. Not sure she knew that, stupid I know

10/31 started sleeping w girl I'm currently dating. She was tested at my request mid-late Nov for all STDs incl HSV Showed me results, 0.10 for HSV-1, 0.12 for HSV-2 HerpeSelect (IGG). She told me also she hadn’t slept w/ anyone since last Jan

11/9-10 took 36hr Cialis pill, had erection/sex for very long time w/ girl I’m dating

11/14 I have not been the same since. Woke up with Strong tingling sensation just below head of penis. There were 2-3 red raised bumps though they looked vein-like: http://imagefrog.net/show.php/139734_IMG0919.jpg
http://imagefrog.net/show.php/139747_IMG0799.jpg Certain times would also feel tingle in my penis at same time I would feel tingle in inner leg. After 8 weeks, the bumps have mostly subsided but tingling moved to area near bottom-right area of frenulum, where visible soreness has come and dried up

mid-Dec – started sharp, pulsing pains in the right side of my groin. At first 1-2hrs each day, now subtle first thing in AM then gone. Spot of pain: http://imagefrog.net/show.php/139733_IMG0871.jpg

SINCE 11/14, have felt variety of symptoms: near constant tingling in my penis underneath skin at certain spots; hot rashes just to the right of the frenulum that come/go & then dry up; groin pain comes/goes; whiter-skin discoloration that comes and goes around the rim of my penis head: http://imagefrog.net/show.php/139731_IMG0827.jpg ;
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Whoops, read part two before part one, but my opinion is not different.  Your symptoms don't sound herpetic.  

Have you had a prior HSV antibody test?  If yes, what were the results?

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Bump please! Really need some assistance. Thank you!
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