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Papercut ulcers Herpes?

Dear Reader, please help!

I am a male 35 years old and had sex with a sex worker 4 days ago. We did vaginal sex and oral sex.

2.5 days ago i see a papercut with a little blood inside 0.5 cm long and 0,05 mm wide along my scrotum and inner tight. I didnt see any sores or blisters. Then i went to sleep. In the morning i noticed i sweat alot and waking up noticing i had more papercuts like 10 little ones (total coverend area 0,5 cm by 1.5 cm). All very small. Around that area it was very moisture/watery.

Now in day 4.5 the papercuts are not so watery anymore and i didnt got more papercuts. the papercut do look a little bit like a ulcer but no white stuff in it. very clean and not deep and they starting to recover.

Is it possible i have herpes/HSV-2
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Hi, this doesnot suggest herpes at all as first time outbreaks occur at point of contact and dont think your scrotum made rubbing contact with her genital area.
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Small update:

its now 5,5 days and the papercut rashes which also look like ulcers when you open the skin are almost gone, they dont itch and are still not swollen, they were never swollen or itchy.

My conclusion from reading several sources.

Chances of herpes with condom is small. Chance of having herpes on atypical site is small when person has a primairy outbreak. I didnt have fever, blisters, opensores en others. recovery went very fast.
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Update again

Its been 6.5 days ago when i had sex my papercut rash it healed already. I am pretty sure now this wasnt herpes since it healed to fast without any other typical herpes symtoms.
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went to see the doctor she is sure its jock its since if it is  primairy outbreak its strange its nearby my tighs. also no blister appeared but paper cuts
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