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Passed the new PCR swab test had a IgM of 1:10 help...

So I was tested for herpes after I cut my genitalia area pretty well.
I accidentally poured rubbing alcohol on it and I broke out severely.
I went to the ER the had the top of the line test and swabbed it examined it and said it was severe  Folliculitis.
I went to my pcp because I’m on some new medication for weight loss and showed them .
They ran a full panel Std test and I passed everything.
My IGM came back at 1:10
I’ve been on doxycycline for a while now and the back of my tongue is slightly white .
Any how I’m nervous as hell.
My lips broke out alitttle but doesn’t look like herpes from shaving with electric razor and under my eyes brows too very small cuts .
Please what does this sound like. ???
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Also is it possible to get hiv from protected oral and protected sex of penis was shaved before encounter ?
Is it also possible to get hsv and get swabbed early on first break out along with cut ?
So many questions ....
Cruel world out here...
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No, HIV is not a risk here. It never is from oral, and with the condom for oral and sex, the head of your penis was covered (protecting your urethral opening), so there is no risk for HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, mycoplasma, trich, hepatitis B, and NGU.

The risk for herpes is very, very low. Three doctors have told you that it wasn't herpes.

"Is it also possible to get hsv and get swabbed early on first break out along with cut ?" - I don't know what you mean by this, but 3 doctors have told you that you don't have herpes.

Are you reading anything I'm saying?
Aunt Jessi yes I appreciate you and your knowledge
I just didn’t know if after the oral or sex protected if I could get a psr swab too early
After I cut myself I broke out like crazy .
Immediately went to doctor and hit swabbed and tested .
It’s just weird my lips are breaking out and now a rash in between my legs .
I could be anxious feelings .
I just read on the internet that **** can go undetected.
My friend who has hiv and another friend who has Herpes said if you have symptoms they can’t test it and are saying the same thing you are saying .
I’m going to a dermatologist and will let you know what they say.
I was just worried they tested me too early.
If you have symptoms of anything, that's the best time to look at it. It's NOT herpes if it's spreading like this. Go get it tested. I have no idea what your friends were talking about, or what you said that got filtered out  - "that **** can go undetected".

Remember that 3 doctors have told you this isn't herpes. You had no risk for HIV. You might be having an allergic reaction to something. If you are having symptoms, get the PCR swab done now.
Hey sorry
Thanks for all the advice
My friend was telling me that if I did catch it from the protected encounter that I could of been tested too early .
My nurses and doctors and from what I’m reading in these forms say
that if you’re having any symptoms,
And go when they start ,
Like I did .
The swabbed pcr test will show or blood will show any hiv infection or sti.
They told me they go undetected when you have no symptoms.
Which is not my case .
It’s been spreading from genitalia mouth and body.
I’m trying to get into dermatologist and when I do I’ll update everything.
I appreciate your time and knowledge and will update you when I know more.
You didn't give me a timeline, but this is when you can get accurate STD testing:

Gonorrhea, chlamydia, NGU - 3-5 days
Syphilis - 6 weeks
Herpes - 12 weeks with an IgG test, though 70% will show positive by 6 weeks
HIV - 28 days with at 4th gen or higher test

If you have an STD, it will be detected on the test with or without symptoms. If you don't have herpes symptoms, a culture won't be accurate, but a blood test will be at the appropriate time.

I don't know what you have, but it doesn't sound like an STD.
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Did you cut yourself, or did you find a sore that looked like a cut?

The IgM test is terribly unreliable and shouldn't be done on anyone except newborns. I'm including links at the end to explain why. You should at like you never had it.

I don't know what's causing your symptoms, especially what's happening under your eye brows, but it doesn't sound like herpes. Has your doctor seen that?

Since you are on the doxy, the white stuff on your tongue could be yeast, or thrush. It's not uncommon to get that while taking an antibiotic.

You don't mention any kind of sexual risk you might have for herpes, or how long ago your most recent exposure was.

Here are the links for the IgM test:





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Oh I should add that the PCR swab is very sensitive. If you had herpes present, it most likely would have found it wherever they used the swab.
Hi thanks for responding
I did cut myself yes and put a bit of rubbing alcohol around my fresh shaved genitals a broke out like crazy
I’m thinking my last exposure could of been a protected oral and covered sexual encounter about a month and two weeks ago .
I’ve been to the doctor since and he has looked at my current lips and current rash and doesn’t think it’s herpes .
Maybe the anxiety is killing me but these damn rashes are horrible .
I have broken out before and been tested but never had anything like this .
It could be all the antibodies I’m on .
I got swabbed right after I broke out they swabbed the cut and other parts of my penis as well and said they didn’t care if I caught it a few days before that it would show .
I’ve seen 3 doctors none of them think it’s herpes or any std .
I’m just scared as hell for what this may be.
I appreciate you writing back.
I will update with Any info .
If 3 doctors don't think it's herpes or any STD, it really probably isn't.

Did you read the links I gave you?

If you are on antibiotics, and getting rashes, has anyone considered that you are getting rashes from the antibiotics? That it might be an allergic reaction? Or maybe another med you might be on?

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