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Possibility of IgM HSV1/2 False-Negative?

I recently had a yearly physical exam and asked for a HSV 1 and 2 test along with routine bloodwork. I was very surprised the results for IgM HSV 1/2 screen were both negative. I'm surprised because I'm pretty certain that what I've witnessed as recurrent mouth/lip sores (for 7 years) as well as what I believed to be an initial genital outbreak (3 years ago) were HSV. I was tested on both previous times (not sure which specific test) and told by the doctor's offices that I had HSV 1, and subsequently HSV 2. Today, when I was given the negative IgM results for HSV 1 and 2, I asked if I still needed to disclose my HSV status to potential partners, to which I was told "no, because you don't have the virus".

Is this true? Is it possible I do not have, nor ever did have HSV 1 and 2? I've read about false-positive IgM results, but not much about false-negative IgM results. Could this be a false-negative result, indicating that there is no active infection in my body, and that my IgM antibodies for HSV1/2 are at an undetectable low level, causing the negative IgM result? Do I need to still disclose my HSV status to potential partners?

Should I ask for a followup IgG HSV 1 and 2 blood test? Whats going on here? Any help, expertise, knowledge, and advice would be so very appreciated. Thank you!
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Igm testing is really useless. No expert in the field recommends them. Even the ultra conservative CDC does not recommend the igm test for adults. Get an igg test.
The theory behind igm tests is for early detection. The igm antibodies are the first on the scene. Then the subside when igg antibodies take over. Igm antibodies can come and go forever though.
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Yeah, I'm really kind of pissed that after specifically telling my HSV 1&2 history timeline to the PA, she still ordered the incorrect test. I better not have to pay for the extra test that's going to need to be done now.

I think I'm even more so pissed that the nurse who called me with my lab results assured me I did not have HSV 1or2, and that I didn't need to disclose any status to a potential partner. I told her she better check further on that. This kind of ignorance and advice is harmful. Not only for a split second did it give me false hope, but if I wanted to tango with denial, I could potentially expose partners to HSV at a higher rate, because I would be able to reassure them I tested negative. Bonkers.
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It is alarming how many medical facilities have no clue about hsv and or tesring. There is a push to get the igm test removed from the test menu for adults.
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