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Possible risk of HSV1

I recently had unprotected sex with a woman and within 2 days I had painful urination and swollen lymph nodes in the groin area. I went to the doctor immediately and he ordered an array of tests. The encounter happened on Saturday night and my symptoms started the following Tuesday. I went to the doctor on Wednesday. On tuesday night, I also shaved my groin area in a hurry. The test drawn on Wednesday had negative results for everything including HSV 1 and HS2. The tests was IGG, since the doctor feared about a possible infection, he started me on Aizthromycin and Doxyccyline. Since my symptoms did not resolve by Thursday, I told him about a possible UTI and the doctor did a quick test in the office, which he confirmed was UTI. So he put me on Ciproflaxacin. The symptoms got a little better but I was concerned that it could be herpes as I was seeing some blisters on my penis where I know I hadn't shaved. The doctor office did not have the facility to do a herpes test via a swab so the doctor ordered an HSV1/1 IGM test. Meanwhile, I got in contact with the woman I was with and requested her to get tested. Her tests came back negative for everything else except for HSV1. I received the results on my HSV IGM tests today and they still show negative. In summary, I have had both the IGG and IGM tests within  days of my exposure and they still seem negative. While the partner tested positive for HSV1. Does this mean I don't have HSV1 or is it too early for the tests to become positive? I still have swollen lympnodes, agitated skin due to shaving. Btw, the second doctor also put me on HSV medication even though he said my sores don't look like HSV sores.
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First, there's no reason for you to be taking herpes medication. I don't know why the doctor prescribe this to you. Also, at least 50% of people (this is a conservative estimate) are infected with hsv1, mostly oral and most don't know it because they rarely if ever get outbreaks. The odds that you were infected with hsv1 from this encounter is exceedingly low, like one in several thousand. You likely have a bacterial infection and the antibiotics may take a week or so to completely clear things up. Please get in the habit of always using condoms with partners of unknown status. Herpes should be the least of your worries. Almost all other STDs other than herpes can have very serious health ramifications. Herpes is barely a small nuisance for most infected people.
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Thank you. And yes. I plan on using protection everytime now. I am also planning on getting tested for HSV after a couple of weeks
I wouldn't waste your money. Your hsv test isn't likely to change. You can bet it's going to be negative.
Please take a look at these pics. I think you might be wrong



I don't look at pictures, and I will admit that I realized that I misread your initial post when I went back and reread it. It's certainly possible you could've been infected with hsv1 or hsv2. Even though her hsv2 test results were negative, if she was recently infected she may not have produced detectable antibodies yet to hsv2 but still able to transmit the infection to you. I would try to find a clinic that will swab the blisters and do a pcr test or if not available, perform a culture test. Otherwise, you can wait and take another blood test in 6-8 weeks, unless you get another outbreak then try to get the sores swabbed. If I were in your shoes and don't experience another outbreak in the coming weeks, then I would go directly to the Western Blot test and order a kit from the University of Washington and get the test performed in about 8 weeks.
The doctor confirmed that it was HSV2 with visual examination. I am now really scared of having caught HIV
No one can and no one should ever confirm an infection is Hsv2 by visual examination - that is complete nonsense. An hsv1 and hsv2 genital outbreak are indistinguishable, as well as other infections can present similarly. You need testing that will confirm whether this is herpes and whether it is hsv1 or hsv2 - it matters. If I were in your shoes, I would get the sores swabbed and tested. If that is too late because the sores have started to heal, I would get a Western Blot test perform in 8 weeks. The only place you can get the Western Blot performed is from the University of Washington in Seattle.  

Although HIV infection is unlikely, you should still be tested. Most blood tests will give accurate results within 4-6 weeks.

If your symptoms turn out to be an Hsv infection, you have a moral and ethical responsibility to inform all future partners of your infection before engaging in any sexual contact with them.  Please get in the habit of using condoms at all times. Good luck.
So I got tested for HSV1 and HSV2 4 weeks after my encounter and both of them still show up as negative. Although the level for HSV1 seems to be .4.
The level for HSV2 still shows <.2. What does this mean?? I tested negative for HIV at 4 weeks with the duo test.
As of right now, you are negative, but you may not have sero-converted yet. The median time to seroconversion is about 4 weeks. You should retest in another 6 weeks.
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Everything above is accurate, but to be sure retest @ 6 and 12 weeks. No need to retest if positive at 6
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I did take a quick peek at one photo. HSV1 is rarely transmitted via sexual intercourse but if you received oral sex, that could very well be HSV1. The sores on your shaft are concerning. An IgG isn’t very good for HSV1, missing up to 30% of infections, so if you get another sore, go to an urgent care immediately and have them swabbed. It could be HSV2 if you didn’t have oral OR if she was recently infected by someone else and hasn’t seroconverted yet. Or if she isn’t telling the truth about her results.
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