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Potential HSV-2

Hi everyone. 22/F here. So, just a few days ago, I noticed a few bumps on my labia majora (the outer folds) and two bumps at the pubic hair area, above the clitoris. They were red and itchy and I noticed that the bumps in my pubic hair area did have hairs growing out of them.

About a week and a half ago, I was in a rush and used an old, dull razor to shave my pubic area. I didn't trim much. Then I went on vacation for a week where my grooming habits were not up to snuff. I assumed that it was probably an infection of hair follicle that spread.

Sunday and yesterday were worse- they were itchy and the bumps multiplied, and now there's a quite a few of them around my anus and perineum. It hurts to pee, but I'm not in any kind of intense pain that herpes sufferers apparently go through. They do hurt to touch though, because some of them are sores. There's also small amounts of thick, milky white vaginal discharge. There are *no* sores on any wet areas of my pubic area- only on the hairy parts and around my anus. They are especially in the areas where I shaved last week. I also have not experienced any flu-like symptoms, but I have experienced some soreness in my pelvic area.

So, I went to a walk-in this morning and the doctor glanced at my vagina for maybe six or seven seconds before concluding that I "probably had herpes and it doesn't look like folliculitis" and took a swab of the sores to send to the lab. The results should be coming back 2-3 weeks from now, she said.

Here's the thing: I'm 22/F and I've only ever slept with one person, my boyfriend. We've been sexually-active for five months and only now is this occurring. We've both been committed to one another and have not had sexual contact with anyone else in five months. He says he's never had symptoms of any kind of STD, but he's getting checked this weekend. He's had cold sores before, but he hasn't had them for quite awhile and he definitely did not have one when he gave me oral sex last week.

Wouldn't it be strange if it were herpes, and the sores have sprouted up now, five months after being sexually active? I'm still thinking it's BV/yeast infection/any other kind of fungal infection. If his blood work shows up as not being positive for HSV-2 then I know it can't be herpes. From what I've read, a lot of GPs misdiagnose herpes, and I wouldn't be surprised if this one did.

Any insight would be great. Thanks.
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Also forgot to mention that I have a bump in my buttcrack. Is it possible to have a herpes bump in my buttcrack, two cm away from my anus?
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All very good questions and I hope these answers help.
Herpes is a possibility here, but so are other issues of a bacterial, fungal or viral nature. It is good that you have obtained a swab and I'd hope you would get an answer closer to a week and a bit away.
If this is herpes, where did it come from? Herpes can spread in rare circumstances from 'shedding' which is basically when the virus is present without sores.
Your partner has HSV1 most likely. Hence an infection from oral sex is a real possibility. If your partner has not tested for HSV2 then this could also be a possibility.
Given the low transmission rates, many couples go their whole lives without transmitting the virus. There is nothing particularly long or short about months or even years before an infection arises.
Did you obtain an IgG blood test as well? I would recommend this for both you and your partner right now. You'll learn his status as well as yours before possible infection as your body hasn't had time to produce antibodies.
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Hi Fleetwood20,

I have not obtained an lgG blood test. I have another doctor's appointment on Friday with another GP because I'd like a second opinion. Do I simply ask for one?

If my boyfriend didn't have a cold sore, nor was he recovering from one or on the brink of having one, then is it still possible to transmit the virus? He's been giving me oral sex for months now and only have I developed sores.

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Yes I would request an IgG test at the doctor's appointment. Be sure to request a blood test for IgG antibodies type specific for HSV1 and HSV2.
Yes the virus can spread due to shedding of the virus, that is, the virus is present but no cold sore. Shedding occurs randomly and is not necessarily related to the time since last outbreak and so on.
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