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Protected Oral Sex 5 Minutes with Condom

I had protected oral sex with a condom on from a female who didnt have cold sores on her lip, but I am unaware of her history. It lasted 5 minutes and happened 3 days ago. Since yesterday I've started having slight burning in what feels like inside my penis, in other words inside in my urethra which extends right up to the tip/opening of my penis. I wanted to ask what my chances are of catching herpes, and if this is a symptom of an initial outbreak. Before this encounter I tested negative for both HSV-1 and HSV-2 through a type specific blood test. I can't see any blisters or sores yet. Please help?
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We don't have actual stats for this - hsv1 transmission hasn't been studied this way, but you had protected oral, and oral sex is lower risk than genital sex. I wouldn't worry about herpes - or anything - since you used a condom.

Also, since you used a condom, symptoms would likely be on your skin and not inside your urethra.

How's your hydration? Drinking enough water? Try increasing your water (reasonable levels, don't overdo it - that's a whole other set of problems), and lay off the caffeine and alcohol and see if that helps.

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Thanks Jessi, weather is quite warm nowadays so will up my water intake for sure.
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