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Protected Sex

Can herpes be spread when using condoms?
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The virus may be present in an area that rubs a male's genital area outside of the area protected by the condom. This is a rare way of infected a male, especially when the female is using antivirals. Infection would happen about 1 in 10,000 sexual episodes in these circumstances.
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Thank you.

My partner is very concerned because he had 3 bumps to appear after our last encounter and some discomfort along with the head of his penis being sore. Should we be concerned?
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If these bumps are within the area protected by the condom (I assume they have always been used?) then they are most probably not herpes. An initial infection will include lesions where the virus enters the body.
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We did have 2 condoms that burst during anal sex but we switch them immediately...your thoughts on that?
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I  have hsv2, can I  pass it to my partner via oral sex (my performing oral sex on him)? I  do not let him perform oral sex on me.
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No you can not. It stays in the genital area.  
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Thank you for following up with me!
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This first started april 9
Had protected sex ensured that the rest of my penis shaft didnt touch her fluids had my hand in there i wash off with water and soap.April 11 felt my urine warm on the 16th when i ejaculated i had itchy uretha then burning at the end.
When i tried to get hard my penis was flaccid and hurts.On the25 of april i did std test everything came negative they gave me an antibiotic shot from that day my pelvic felt heavy when i sit down feels like i wanna urinate but nothing the two sides if my groin hurted.On the first of May i did an igg test for herpes 0.91 negative so the Dr said i didnt had herpes
My buttocks feels sharp pain my penis feels sharp pain my testicle hurts its worst when im sitting down its been a month do i have herpes
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I don't know I'm not that experienced to give an educated answer because I was a man for 13yrs and only used condoms when I felt irritated and he is fine. However,  with my current partner it's been a constant roller coaster. We had unprotected sex once he was tested and was negative. We've used protection every since but our last situation we had 2 condoms to  burst and he's experienced discomfort bit I think it's more paranoia based on feedback from the group.

I'm considering breaking off the relationship because he's stressing me out every couple of months after we have sex questioning if he's contracted it.
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please post your own question and it will be answered.
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