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Reoccurrence oral

9 years ago I was diagnosed with oral herpes but it presented in my mouth as gingivitis about 2/3 I have got a mouth sore on my hard palette in roughly the same spot and it goes in about 5 days and mildly hurts when I eat I was wondering if this would be a reoccurrence of herpes or an ulcer I normally only ever get ulcers on the inside of my lip
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It's not uncommon for a primary outbreak of oral hsv1 to cause gum sores, but after that, recurrences will most likely be on the lips. A sore on the palette isn't likely to be a recurrence. Maybe you burned your mouth, or have a canker sore, or something along those lines. If it lingers for another day or two, see your dentist or doctor.
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It’s just weird cause it’s been in the same spot n I know canker sores are more of soft pallete n I never got in there before hsv1 n it hurt when I ate a bit
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You can get a canker sore on the roof of your mouth.

If you're that concerned about it, let your doctor see it. Rinsing your mouth with a warm salt water mix would probably help, too.
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