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Situation / questions

Brief situational history:
I had sex (oral & vaginal) w/ a new partner and later had burining during urination for two weeks, I was tested for everything under the sun, all lab results came back negative.  Prior to this experience I have never had symptoms.  I discussed this w/ the sexual partner, she was tested and all tests returned negative results.  However, I still had/have symptoms of herpes as legions have appeared around the head of my penis.  A Dr examined the legions and diagnosed HSV 2, I am currently taking Famvir to surpress symptoms.

1. If both of us have had negative tests, how did I get this?
2. I workout frequently, play basketball and other contact sports on a daily basis, and subscribe to a clothes service at my gym.  This includes jocks, socks, shorts, and shirt.  Is it possible it was contracted at the gym (clothes service or other (shower, dry sauna, wet sauna, whirlpool, swimming pool))?

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If your doctor diagnosed herpes thru a visual exam it very well might not be accurate.

what tests have both of you had done so far? if either of you had herpes blood tests - get a copy of them and post the numerical results here for me - ie hsv1 igg .34 and hsv2 igg .45 or whatever they were.

You didn't get herpes from the gym or thru clothes.

Bookmark your post so you can keep adding to it. Makes it easier for me than to hunt thru old posts for them :)

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You probably had herpes before having sex with this particular person. Get tested at the right time period out from the experience, like 3 months out or whatever  with a typed blood test.

emanneercstaerg! :)
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I have not seen a copy of her results, my blood test was:
HSV 1/2 IGG , Herpes Select Type Specific AB
1. TEST: Herpes Select Type 1: RESULT: <.90: VALUE: eia value: FLAG: N
2. TEST: Herpes Select Type 2: RESULT: <.90: VALUE: eia value: FLAG: N

According to her, her doctor laughed off her concerns when she requested the test.  But I believe she persisted, the test was administered, she got back w/ me and said results were negative.  I can only go off her word, which I believe.  However, should I request to see a hard copy of the results?

As I'm sure you've seen/heard/read before, but this is demoralizing.  I feel positive I did not have this disease prior to our encounter, as I have never show symptoms, and have had the same sexual partner (prior to her) for greater than 10 years.

What are the alternate ways of contracting herpes?  Percent chance of contracting it through these various methods?

Thank you very much for your responses, this is my only real source of information regarding this situation.  Thank you
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Your herpes status is completely negative at this time. If you do really have herpes then it's a newly acquired infection for you.

Your gf needs to get tested since you've had a visual exam for herpes. If her doctor won't order it for her - she needs to find one who will. If she is in the US she can order it herself thru www.healthcheckusa.com or www.tstd.org if either of them have a participating lab near her. She wants to order the herpes select igg for hsv1 and hsv2. Perhaps even your own doctor will order the blood tests for her based on the circumstances. If she tests negative for hsv1 and hsv2 also then it's likely you don't have herpes which is why follow up testing for a visual diagnosis is so important.

Herpes is transmitted thru direct skin on skin contact.  Unless you were playing naked basketball at the gym - you didn't come in contact with the virus on your genital area thru a non-sexual manner.

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Thank you Grace.  I will approach her with this suggestion.  However, I'm fairly certain she will be offended.  I am going to first ask for her numerical results.
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I plan to be tested again this month.  However, I will have also been taking the antibiotics perscribed.

As I understand HSV tests look for antibodies in the blood, since I have been taking the perscribed antibiotics for one month, wont these be detected in my blood, thus skewing the results?
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Antivirals - they are different than antibiotics :)

I wouldn't retest quite yet. Wait at least 2 months to get retested if you plan to retest.  Since you haven't had an actual lesion culture that said herpes ( do I have that right - just a visual exam ) then I'd actually stop the famvir until you've been tested and confirmed to have hsv genitally. Should your symptoms return while off medication - see a provider for a lesion culture and typing within 48 hours of their appearance for faster answers.

When is your gf getting tested to help clear this all up faster?

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Thanks again.  This is all very new.

Correct, no culture on a lesion.

She has not provided numerical results for a blood test, rather just verbal confrimation that the doctor said her results were negative.  I am a bit worried that the results that she is referring to are from a "scraping" and culture.  Since she has not had an outbreak this would result in a negative test, correct?  I dont think she knows whether a blood test or scrape/culture was used.  Communication between us has cut way back, primarily as a result of this.  Any time it comes up she is adament that she does not have it and all of her tests have been negative.
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Right - a lesion culture without any obvious symptoms is a waste of time unless you are doing serial pcr swabs which isn't the case here.  She'll need a type specific herpes igg blood test. If her regular doctor won't give her one and you are inthe US - she can order up her own thru www.healthcheckusa.com or www.tstd.org if either of them have a participating lab near her and get her results back within 48 hours online.

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