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Sore labia, no blisters. Worried about herpes.

I'll preface this by saying I had unprotected sex about 2-3 weeks before all this began. He said he was clean, but you know how that goes. Stupid, I know. I haven't gotten tested yet because I had to change my insurance over.

This issue has been going on for over 3 months now. My labia, like deep in the folds, on either side is red and raw. It's almost as if it's been sliced open. I definitely don't have any "typical" herpes blisters with the white heads and everything, and nothing ever scabs over. The only thing I've noticed are a few bumps from time to time that seem like plugged oil glands (they could have been there all along and maybe I'm just noticing them now because I'm really looking).

I've done A LOT of reading and this doesn't sound like herpes, primarily because there are no blisters AND outbreaks typically don't last 3+ months, but wanted to ask here. I wear leggings/tight workout pants a lot, which seems to irritate the chafing. Maybe it's related to that?  Thanks in advance.
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I agree this sounds nothing like hsv
The fact that you've had this for that long is a big red flag. Please go see your gyno as this has to be miserable for you.
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