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Std after shaving ?

hi on Tuesday of last week I shaved my pubic hairs with an electric hair clipper while I was shaving I accidently cut one of my testicle (right side) a little after I noticed a little pain which feels like the spermatic cord. it didn't click into my head that my dad has herpes and he uses that electric hair clipper to shave the hair of his head I went to the emergency Thursday of last week and my urine was infected the doctor said the doctor gave me some antibiotics for just that one day. I also asked to get tested they haven't called me to tell me my results as yet, later that week I felt a little pain in my lower belly and I have a sore throat. my urine still didn't clear up

Do you think the herpes have been transmitted from the clippers to me that quick?
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or Do you think its just an infection ?
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Hi if you have not heard from the Dr that's good news , Why not phone them yourself , your anxiety will calm down ,take care ,
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thanks man

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