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Test Results Concern

Hello. I've been reading and following this forum for insights the last 11 weeks. It was about that time I had protected vaginal sex with a man I'd been dating for several months. No oral sex was involved.

At 10 weeks I decided to have a complete STD test, as I felt this individual may have been more promiscuous than i realized. The type specific antibody blood work came back positive for HSV 1 at 36.6 and positive for HSV 2 at 1.78. I'm so fearful to learn of this condition at 40 years old. I've always been so careful in my relationships, and tested myself regularly as well. I'm no longer seeing this man and only had sex with him the one time.

I haven't had any symptoms or sores but am just punishing myself with the fear of having an incurable disease and how that might impact the rest of my health.

Is it possible that the high positive HSV 1 could cause a HSV 2 false positive? If I am positive, is there a safe long term antiviral medicine i can take? I do have HPV (I had the leep procedure done about 10 years ago) and am so scared that the addition of the HSV may be too much for my body to handle and cause the virus's to take over.

I was also curious how likely i would now be to pass on the HSV 1 to future partners orally and genitally and if it's possible to spread the HSV 1 to myself genitally. So fearful.

Thanks so much
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This is a low positive result and very likely to be a false positive. Your HSV1 infection can be a factor in an elevated HSV2 outcome.

Best way to confirm is to have a Westernblot at 16 weeks.

Note that a one off encounter with no symptoms means literally only a 1 in many thousands chance of infection.
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Fleetwood20.. I have a question I had a Hsv 1 igg test done and tested positive with a 2.37. My hsv 2 was <.90.. this was done in March. I decided to have a retest today since I haven't been myself lately. What are the chances of being a false positive? Can it be my anxiety that is making me feel this way? Ever since I got the news I have this raw feeling down there. I haven't seen any fluid like blisters around my labia. What triggered my Dr. Appt today was a small red bump on my labia can this be a lesion of HSV 1?
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Please start a new post... Please give all details of any symptoms, why you tested, oral cold sores etc.
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Thank you so much. I will wait until the 16th week and pursue the western blot. God speed!
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