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Trying Natural Cure for Herpes

I got infected with herpes HSV 1 and HSV 2 about 8 months ago (in Jan 2013). Blood test confirmed the infection. I have been doing lot of research for cure etc. Almost every one talks about boosting your immune system for your body to fight the HSV viruses. I believe Garlic is a very strong immune booster. Once in Dr OZ. show they were saying that how garlic can kill parasites / worms in your intestines. Even otherwise there are so many benefits of consuming Garlic. What I have started from past 3 days is that I take half a ball of fresh Garlic (about 6-7 cloves) peel them off. Put then in a blender, pour in half a glass of water, make a garlic / water shake and drink it. It tastes very bitter, and very difficult to drink, takes about half an hour to drink it. Feels like a nausea / hangover. I plan to do it everyday for next 6 months. Lets see what happens. I have never had a breakout since other then when I had initially got infected with it. Now on third day of having garlic juice I have one light sore down. Don't know if its cause of garlic juice or otherwise. Even other wise I believe I have a strong immune system because I eat Spinach. Broccoli,carrots, Apple, Banana, Almonds, raisins on daily basis and no meat (being vegetarian). Will keep posted.
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Well the problem is, the HSV virus hides, or becomes dormant. At that state your body cannot kill it, this is why (so far) there is no cure. It's been years since I have found out that I for sure have HSV-1, and it's still hard for me to accept that I'll have it for the rest of my life. Just keep your immune system high, so that when the HSV virus comes out of dormancy, your body can fight it quickly.
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I've come a cross a holistic doctor. He can supposedly help cure different diseases etc.  his name is dr sebi.   I am interested in trying to see if he can really help.  
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Read Line 29:
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HIV/AIDS / HerpesTreatment with Garlic

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