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Valtrex effect on HSV antibodies

Hi there
I got a swab test done near the entrance to my vagina, two small sores were present that looked like herpes. The swab came back positive for shingles or chicken pox (vzv) the dr informed me usually that suggest herpes as the labs often confuse the two. He put me on valtrex 500mg x 2 a day. I took them for two days then got a
Blood test. Both my partner and I tested negative for HSV1 & HSV2. And we have not been in contact with anyone else for over a year. So if I was HSV Positive I would have to have been carrying it for over a year.
I would like to know if two days on valtrex would have affected my results and given me a false negative?
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Hi, having a positive swab for shingles you would need to have a separate blood test for shingles as its not hsv. Taking meds would not turn a positive into a negative.
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I meant the blood test came back negative and I have read that valtrex can slow the development of the HSV antibodies. So I am afraid that is what has happened and why the blood test has missed it. Am at work and unable to get another blood test for 5 weeks. Very confused and upset..
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But you need to test for shingles not hsv as the swab came up for that. Taking med for 2 days would not affect the test.
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Is there a dr on this site that you can post to?
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I spent hours researching and found out that yes, valtrex certain can slow the development of the HSV antibodies. Meaning it could have affected my HSV test which means yes, I definitely do have to text for HSV Again. Testing for shingles will not help me as I will have the antibodies for shingles as the antibodies for shingles and chicken pox are the same, and I have had chicken pox twice now so have the antibodies for life. So this test I have just found out from dr will not help
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The Valtrex is a red herring here.

Neither culture nor PCR swab testing confuse Zoster with HSV1/2. The odds of that occurring are too small.

Your partner tests negative for HSV, although there is still about a 10% (but only about a 10% chance he has an oral HSV1 infection).

It follows that you have had a Zoster outbreak, this is the most plausible explanation by far. A HSV1 outbreak seems very remote in comparison.
He tested negative for HSV1 as did I so it can't be that.
I checked with sexual health dr and also the diagnostic medlab, they both said that yes, VZV AND HSV swabs get mixed results in the labs. He said it happens frequently because the two are so similar. I am getting more bloods tomorrow for everything and will post results :)
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I disagree with the doctor, they do not get mixed up in reputable labs!

Either way, Zoster is what you have and likely to be causing your symptoms.
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