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What can affect an IGG herpes blood test results


I know this can be a stupid question but i'm worried about the blood sample. I fasted for 8 hours before drawn blood for a Herpes test (IGM and IGG) as requested by lab.  3-4 hours After blood was drawn i had diarrhea and stomach ache. Could this or having flu have any effect on blood sample? I had the blood test after 11 months from being exposed to the virus.

Thanks in advance.
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Your IGG test checks for antibodies 'specific' to one of the two types of HSV. If the antibodies are there, then those other factors you mentioned are not going to affect that in any way.

The IgM should not have been done and should be ignored. The IgM can detect other viruses besides the HSV and can give false misleading results so it's not a reliable indicator. And it's been 11 months anyway since your last possible exposure to the virus. I was told by a doctor that even if you did want it done, IgM tests are to be used within 6 weeks after exposure. But like I said, for HSV testing in adults, it shouldn't be used at all..
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Being sick, throwing up, diarrhea, etc would not have an effect on your test results because the test is looking for specific antibodies to HSV. However, being dehydrated from throwing up/diarrhea can thicken your blood....but that's when it gets to be severe. Why did you doctor as you to fast before herpes testing, or were you being tested for something else as well?
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Hi guys, thanks for your answers. However I fasted because of as indicated on lab's website. I will notice you about test results when i receive them on tuesday.
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Hi guys,

here are my results:
                                              Result        Reference value
Anti Herpes Simplex 1-2 IGM    0.8            < 0.9
Anti Herpes Simpl 1       IGG     0.1           < 0.9
Anti Herpes Simpl 2       IGG     0.5           < 0.9

All negative. I'm sooo happy about these results. Thanks for you help.
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All negative. I'm sooo happy about these results. Thanks for you help.
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congrats :)
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