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Will I Transmit Herpes to my Kid and Partner

Hi, I'm a 37 yo male. I've done some searching on this commnuty, but haven't found the exact answer to my specific question, if that's okay.

I've had this herpes for about less than a year, and just realized it recently. I did igg test and is positive HSV1 and 2. My questions are:

1. What will make me transmit my HSV1 to my 3yo son and what will not? Will these transmit HSV1?
- Kiss on cheek
- Hugging
- Kiss on tummy
- Bathe together
- Share food in 1 bowl/plate but using different spoon?
- Touching my son on his skin (e.g.: hold hands)

2. I just recently also have a girlfriend, and I didn't realize it was herpes , and we are having sex while I'm having outbreak :( . it just happened less than a week ago. Is there anything I can do to prevent her catching HSV1 or 2? Btw I don't think I have cold sores. I only have the lesion around my penis area.
During the intercouse we did unprotected sex for both oral and vaginal sex. Since it just happened will it be helpful if I ask her to take the antiviral medicine such as acyclovir?
- If I ask her to take acyclovir right now for a week let say, will there side effects?
- Will it prevent her to catch the herpes?
- If it cannot prevent, will it contain the virus spread? like it will affect smaller area of skin affected? Since I believe acyclovir prevent it from spreading to a larger area?

I'm sorry for my tons of questions, it's very though for me at this moment emotionally to cope and accept that I have herpes and even worse that I might have spread it to my partner that I just knew for a  month :(

Thanks in advance, apologize for my bad English.
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So, the percentage of the population of people that have herpes 1, hsv 1 is incredibly high.  This is not rare or serious. And lots of that population got it as kids.  Sure, if you have an active cold sore or herpes blister, it could transfer to your child if you kiss their lips.  Not as likely anywhere else like their cheek.  Not sharing utensils and having your own glass makes sense too but know that sometimes you two will likely share.  But I would not be stressed.  If you have tingling or something to indicate you have a blister forming or there is a blister, then refrain from that kind of contact.  Probably a good idea for your partner as well.  Are you going to take the suppressive medication to prevent outbreaks?  If not, a lot of people do feel something before an outbreak that makes them aware one is coming.
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Hi GuitarRox , thanks for the answer. So if I have no tingligng or cold sore in my lips. Will it be safer for me to have intimate kiss with my partner?
Btw, I never have cold sores I believe
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