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Wondering how long I've had this

Last month I came down with severe flu symptoms. As all sore appeared on labia. My GYN took culture of sore and blood test. Both were positive. She believes this was my first break out since I had no prior history of sores in the genital area. The literature I've read says first outbreaks usually occur between 7 to 14 days of infection, but can be up to 45 days. Could I have contracted Herpes longer than 4 months ago, or would it have been in the last 3 - 4 months?
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This is critical, what blood test was positive? IgG, IgM for HSV1 or HSV2?
IgG HSV2 and the culture were positive.
What I'm basically asking is, how long could it have been dormant before my first outbreak?
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coukd I have been infected for up to a year before my first outbreak?
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Sorry. I'm new to this site. Still figuring it out. It was an igG HSV2 blood test and culture of sore were positive. Could I have been infected for up to a year before my first outbreak?
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It would be hard to tell. Really the only way to tell is if your igg test was negative but your swab was positive at the time of your first infection.

This is what happened to me. I also knew it had to be my current partner because I hadn't had a partner 6months prior. Even then a doctor will tell you it's hard to determine.

Positive igg tests mean your body has built antibodies. It's takes about 4-12 weeks for your body to build up antibodies.

Igm tests are inaccurate.

You have have herpes and not have an outbreak for months - but you would test positive on an Igg test in this case.  
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If your IgG for HSV2 is positive (strongly say >5 on a Herpeselect test) then yes you have had this for potentially a very long time. Please absolutely confirm this.

Pretty much no one tests positive for IgG antibodies in the first three weeks after infection. Hence with greater than a 5, I would suggest we are talking at least (and I mean at least) 4-8 weeks since infection. If you think through your sexual history then you may be able to narrow the time of infection.

I suspect you have HSV1 as well, oral cold sores (?). This often means upon infection that the symptoms are slight and generally not noticed or put down to a shaving irritation etc.

I would also suggest that the severe flu you have had is just that, the flu. This accompanied a weakness in your immune system and an outbreak has ensued.

So, I got the IGg results and they were 0.311. What does this mean in relation to how long I may have had Herpes?  
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Thank you for all that info. I do not know what I got on th IgG test, but I will ask tomorrow. That will make a big difference for me. I do not have HSV1 that I know of. I've never had a cold sore, but I was prone to chancre sores when I was younger. Not so much anymore. Once again, thank you.
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That is a negative.

Something has gone wrong here. You need to obtain full printouts of all tests. You cannot go from strongly positive to negative on IgG without an error somewhere.
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Wo2me - is there a note on your test paperwork itself that interprets the index number? An 0.311 sounds like a negative. Go over the paperwork with your gynecologist again. A positive is greater than 1.09, and even this is a low positive and you should get tested again in 3 months or so.  If your IgG is negative but your swab is positive, it's a recent infection - definitely within the last 4 months before the test, possibly even more recent.
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