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Worried about Herpes, got tested IGg 1.18 HSV2, should i worry?

Last year around July/Aug 2018, had 2 protected sex with prostitutes. Nothing since then until Oct 7th, 2019 when i had another one (protected). This time i couldnt finish and ask her to do handjob instead. I couldnt remember if she clean her hand after taking off the condom.

Aniwei, about 1 week ago i noticed a big lummp pimple (not superficial lesion that i saw on internet for herpes)on the pubic region about 3 inches below your navel and looking at it carefully looks like ingrown hair. No itching or burning, then about 3 days ago, the huge pimple popped. I was worried so i took test IGG for hsv2, got result of 1.18. negative on igg for hsv1. Does this mean i have herpes? The doc in consul said dont worry, lets do another test in 4-6 wks.

Thank you.
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I agree totally with your doctor. A sore or lump under the skin isn't herpes.

The thing about herpes blood tests is that while technically, a 1.18 is positive, most experts and the CDC feel that anything below a 3.5 needs to be confirmed. A 1.18 is a VERY low positive, which is officially 1.10 and up.

We know that about 50% of tests in the 1.10 to 3.5 range are false positives, and the lower the number, the better the chance of being a false positive.

It could also be that you are newly positive, but at 6 weeks, give or take, most people will test positive, and I'd expect your result to be higher.

Do you have hsv1 already? That's important to know because that can contribute to a false positive on an hsv2 test, but can also SLIGHTLY delay developing hsv2 antibodies (there's some debate on that, but I'm putting it out there so you have the full picture).

In any case, getting herpes from a 1-time, protected encounter is unlikely - you have about a 1 in 10,000 chance of it. For perspective, you have about a 1 in 3,000 chance of getting struck by lightning this year.

Thank you for this.
No, i dont have hsv1.

Abit for info. I did the stdcheck and they used quest diagnostics.

HSV1 IGG, type specific AB <0.90
HSV2 IGG, type specific AB 1.18

The assay utilizes recombinant type-specifics antigens to differentiate HSV1 to HSV2 infections (language from the test result page)

STDcheck is good, so I wouldn't worry about the tests they use.

It's just the ranges that need to be changed, probably. It's flawed, but getting them changed is essentially an act of God.


You can get another test done in a few weeks, and if it's still a low positive, you can assume it's a negative (I would, though it's easy for me to say), or get a confirmatory Western Blot test done. I can give you resources for that at the time if you need it. Your doctor can order the WB, or another test called a BioKit. Those are different types of tests, which are better to use for confirmations.

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Thank you, will do.
You're welcome. Let us know what happens. :)
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