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Worried about pimple in my pubic area?


I had a unprotected sex like 3 months ago, but I noticed a pimple like thing in the area just above my penis or lower abdomen, its very dark brown in color, my skin is light brown in that area, I noticed it 3 weeks ago but may be it was there before, It does not hurt, In fact I dont even notice it, It was hard and shiny in light before (so I thought its a wart) but I started touching it gets filled with fluid, Couple of days ago I burst it and some fluid and blood came and since than it has healed. Can anyone suggest should be worried about it. FYI I often trim my hairs it that area but never had something like that before.

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Hi, its doenot suggest herpes at all as genital herpes outbreaks are most often painful. And first time outbreaks would occur about 2 weeks after exposure not 3 months
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Thank you so much Life360. Can it be a ingrown hair, cause I regulary trim in that area, Also I am looking to go for a HIV testing because its over 3 months now, but can you tell me about some early definate symtoms of HIV? Thanks Again!
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Yes an ingrown hair can cause this. Dont be overly concerned about hiv as even though unprotected vaginal sex is considered high risk you fall into a low risk group.
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