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Zit/Cold sore/Fever Blister/Pimple/Idontknow


I developed this very tiny pimple on my upper lip -it is not completely on the lip, infact on the border of the lip and the skin above lip -so the lip line. It had a white head to it. I have seen pictures of cold sore and it doesn not entirely look like one but I have no idea what it is. A similar occurence has happened in the past but they have never been big like cold sore pictures reflect. Even in the past it has had the white stuff in the pimple and the last time i remember it was at the corner of my lip. I did take food from outside the night before and I am confused whether this is herpes or whether it is a reaction to some food material. Are we allowed to post a picture ?I have seen other people posting them but the forum rules tell otherwise.

All help is appreciated.
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we don't look at pictures when folks post them. glad to see you read our read before posting post :)

no way for us to know what this see. see your provider if you are concerned.

if you've never had a herpes igg blood test before, while it's on your  mind it's a good time to check your status. herpes testing typically is not a part of routine std testing.

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Its a bit scary that Herpes gets mentioned...i really am scared in getting tested. there isnt a cure for any such virus/disease and it would do is get me in depression and put me off track from my life. I am not physically involved with someone so I am not spreading anything if I do have anything. So if i have it..getting tested isn't going to help me. BTW, the pimple like thing whatever it was has disappeared overnite.
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it's sexually irresponsible not to get tested for std's regularly.  Definitely get tested before you are intimate with a new partner the next time if you aren't up to it now.

you should never, ever be scared of hearing the word herpes. annoyed perhaps but not scared. It's incredibly common, especially hsv1.  By the time we retire, 80-90% of us have hsv1 orally it's that common.  Germs are germs and we don't allow ourselves to get hung up on the common cold which is transmitted by just standing within 3 feet of someone so why get hung up on anything transmitted through kissing or sex?

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