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Does anyone know after you have been exposed to the Herpes virus how long does it take to get  a positive index reading with a an IgG test... With or with out symptoms?  And can you get herpes via manual stimulation(handjob)?
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Earliest possible detection by a blood test is around 2 weeks and 50% of recently infected persons test positive by three weeks. This hits 90% by about 6 weeks and the last few by around 12-16 weeks.

You must have skin to skin contact with the infected area for any realistic chance of infection. If there is no infection of the hand giving the handjob then zero chance of infection.
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okay...the reason why I ask is because I received manual stimulation as you already know...then a day later I saw a red spot on me an it was burning and itching.(Do you think 24 hours is to short of a time to see a symptom?)  Then five days after that...I got a HSV2 blood test.  and the index level was 1.87.  In your opinion...Do you think I went to early.  And maybe...I caught this somewhere else?  And also do you think it's possible that maybe if the chick touched herself before touching me...I could have caught it that way?
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And what do you mean by infection of the hand?
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If the red spot is herpes, it was not related to an infection from the handjob, but would be a previous infection.

There is almost no way at 5 days a blood test would reveal 1.87 from an infection 5 days prior.

If you have a HSV2 infection, maybe a 50/50 chance if we base this on the blood test outcome alone, then there is almost no chance it came from the handjob and you had the infection prior. It would be virtually impossible for an infection to arise in the manner you have described.

For conclusive results, it is best to now wait 16 further weeks and obtain a Westernblot HSV test.

It is possible to have a herpes infection of the hand. This is very rare and unless a lesion is present, transmission is next to impossible.
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Thank you vey much.
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