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could it be herpes? or ingrown hair

10 days ago a guy gave me an unprotected BJ.

Up until now there have been no signs of herpes (that I know of).

a couple of minutes ago I was in the restroom checking (as I have been doing for the past 10 days). on the bottom of my penis shaft, about half way down, there was a white bump with a pubic hair growing out of it.

I freaked out and pulled the hair, the root of the hair looked covered in a thick white something or other. Now there is a red mark there where the hair was. Next to it looks to be a white bump going to form... it is still tiny now, not raised, but I am scared spitless.

I dont shave at all down there btw, if that means anything
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to add, there did not seem to be any liquidy puss coming from the area
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For sure not herpes, which would not be associated with a hair, and doesn't produce thick pus.
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