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extremely paranoid of spreading oral HSV-1

Hello Doctor,

I suffer from cold-sores for several years now. Since I had my baby I have developed a crazy obsession with the fear of spreading the virus to other parts of my body. For example, on other parts of my face (eyes, cheeks, nose, chin) when I wash my face. I always have to follow up with a complete wipe down with alcohol all over my face. I am also afraid it will spread to my breast in the shower (I am breastfeeding).

I believe the epidural I received during delivery caused the re-occurrence of this cold sore. I used to only get them every few years and now since the birth of my son I get them almost every time one resolves for the past 2 months. I am miserable. My OBGYN has put me on 500mg of Valtrex and I am still having re-occurrence. I am afraid I will be like this for the rest of my life. I need some support and advice please..
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Hi, first of all you cant spread it anywhere from the breast up as its already in the nerve ganglion. It comes from there to the surface and almost always in the same spot give or take an inch. If your have all these outbreaks even when taking the med i highly believe its not herpes out breaks. Have some new ones swabbed to confirm. This is highly unusual.
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The outbreak is in the same spot. Same symptoms too: tingling, small blisters, seeping, crusting over. But my main issues is the fear of spreading which you are saying cannot happen.

My other questions is that I have not been touching the blisters. I always use gloves and frequently wash my hands however I have a fear of this spreading to my baby. How much hand washing do I need to do? Do i need to wash pillow cases after each use? Do i need to change my clothes multiple times in the day? I have been doing this and it really is taking a toll on me.
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Just wash you hands normally and its not on pillows or cloths also the baby was born with temporary antibodies he got from you so that will also aid in prevention.
Its really not that big of a deal. I know you care for your baby but no need to be over concerned about passing it to the baby. Kissing with an active cold sore is how its passed esp when an active sore is present. Just focus on kissing as the virus needs to be rubbed into a nerve to pass it.
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OK thank you. Yes I know I am overly concerned..it has consumed me. My OB even offered to give me an anti-depressant but I didn't want to take it due to the breastfeeding. I've had OCD in the past. Thank you for your help. I guess I read somewhere that people get it as infants and children when and adult kisses them OR when someone has it on his hands. So that confused me and I've been obsessed ever since.

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