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genital shingles ?

1.  Can you get genital shingles ?  
2.  If someone had shingles, would an HSV2 blood test detect it ?  
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You may have to explain your case a little bit better for us to understand.

Why shingles? How do you think you got them. How long have they been there? Did you take a HSV2 blood test? Why?
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shingles is a totally different virus.

the hsv2 igg looks for the presence of antibodies to hsv2 only.  You need separate testing for shingles aka herpes zoster.

You can have shingles appear in the genital area. simple testing is all it takes to tell the difference.

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1.  Thanks Jacnothappy and grace.
2.  It sounds llike grace summed up my doubt
3.  Jacnothappy: My reason for asking was that my girlfriend tested a low positive
     blood test for HSV2.  and four months later she mailed me current blood testing
     that showed negative.  She included a note that said her doctor informed her that  
     she must have had genital shingles and this was why the first result showed positive.
     I was a virgin and she claims that she was too.  Being untruthful ended our
     relationship.  I want my girlfriend back but I dont believe her stories anymore.
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she might not have even had anything herpes or shingles related going on.  at this point there's no way to know and since it's an ended relationship, it's all out of your control on her end of things.  You've followed up on your own situation as I recall from your other posts.  when you are ready, look for someone new that you can develop a trusting relationship with and start over again :)

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I recently had unprotected sex with a man. About 2 weeks later I had painful lesions in the vagina.  I was told it was vaginal shingles, however I have been nauseated and very tired. Is it possible I could have contracted hiv and had shingles as a symptom as early as 2 weeks later?
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what testing did you have done?

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I am lost & confused.  I was engaged and had sexual intercourse with my fiance' a week before the wedding.  4 days later I had pain in my vagina & started feeling knots & blisters.  I googled vaginal ulcers & herpes & decided to go to the ER.  I was running a fever & was very weak & dizzy.  I also had ulcers on the right side of the back of my throat, they were white & left crater type holes on the tonsil, my right ear was very sore, I had swollen glands on the right side of my neck and the day before I had tingling pain in the deep right jaw like when you have eaten something extremely sour.  The ER doctor told me (without testing) that I had strep throat & herpes simplex 2.  I was panic stricken & fearful & in severe pain, walking was excruciating.  I followed up with my primary care dr the next day.  They ran blood work for HSV 1 & 2.  Prior to that 1 month earlier I had all of the STD testing ran at the health department before I had the iud Myrena inserted & all testing was negative.  3 days after  my HSV tests were ran the results for prior antibodies & current infection for HSV showed negative.  Now married, my new husband has still not showed any signs of a break out.  Myself on the other hand, am miserable.  I had been given a 2 week treatment dose of Aclovir & finished the bottle & now am on maintenance therapy as a precautionary measure.  I am now experiencing painful knots around my vagina & rectal area on the right side only but I have scalp lesions.  They are pustule type tiny pimples on my scalp on both sides front & back of my head.  They are very sore & there are more every day.  I am severely constipated & have daily headaches.  My dr. is at a loss.  He doesn't know why my HSV test came back negative or why I am experiencing more outbreaks in other areas.  Also I have had thrush & vaginal yeast for over a month.  My dr treated me with over 15 diflucan pills & swish & swallow Nystatin & vaginal antifungal suppository creams.  He ran a glucose tolerance test thinking I might have diabetes but that test showed normal as well.  I am scared & frustrated & don't know where to turn.  I also take synthroid for hypothyroidism (my thyroid tests showed normal levels as well.)  I also take vyvance 50mg for adult ADHD & was recently given nerve pills for my stress.  Is there anything that you can tell me to be tested for or help me understand what is going on....PLEASE?
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Well, this is a year later but it definitely sounds like Shingles, ladyscared.

Herpes tests aren't conclusive. A negative result on a herpes test doesn't mean you don't have it. If you ever had chicken pox, you have herpes zoster (shingles virus) in your system. But unless you are having an outbreak, you will test negative for herpes zoster. Same with herpes 1 and herpes 2. So someone who has genital or oral herpes will test negative if they don't have an outbreak. The tests are unreliable and have to be done at a precise moment during an outbreak to catch a positive result. It's likely that when you were tested, you didn't catch that moment.

Your doctor should have given you a bigger dose of acyclovir. The constipation is from the acyclovir. You're supposed to drink a lot of water with it. If you are having an outbreak, you shouldn't be on just a maintenance dose. Three 800-1000 mg tablets per day if it's shingles.

There are other things that can help with constipation. Eat a lot of fiber (apples are good as are leafy greens, bananas, carrots). You can also drink aloe vera juice (laxative effect). Glycerin suppositories are a quick easy way to help you go to the bathroom. If you know how, you can give yourself an enema. This will definitely clear you out but try to avoid doing it more than once a week or your body will become accustomed to it.

I hope you got help and are not still suffering with this. My story is similar though not as severe. 4 days after I had sex with my boyfriend, I broke out in painful vaginal sores. The doctor took one look at them and said "herpes". He put me on acyclovir and the next day I had tests done. All tests came back negative but while I was waiting for the tests to come back, I increased my dose on the third day into my outbreak because my sores were turning into huge red welts which were cracking and bleeding and the left side of my vagina swelled up to twice its normal size. 8 days after taking three 800 mg tablets a day, the sores were gone. That's when the itching and burning got much worse. I was supposed to stop taking the acyclovir when the sores went away but when I did, I had a worsening of my pain so I went back on a treatment dose. I believe I have post-herpetic neuralgia which is a symptom of shingles. It's when it feels like you still have sores and feel burning and itching even though your sores have healed. Sleep is very difficult with this pain. I have been sleeping in 4 hour shifts for 2 weeks.

My doctor thought it was unlikely I had shingles because the vagina is not a usual place to get it but was certain I had some type of herpes based on the physical exam. He approved the increased dose of acyclovir I'd been on to cover the bases since all my herpes tests came back negative despite the clear evidence that I had it.

If you have post-herpetic neuralgia, when it will get better depends on a couple of factors. How old you are, how healthy your immune system is, and when you started taking the treatment dose of the anti-viral medication. The younger you are, the healthier you are, and the earlier you start treatment will decrease the amount of time you have to deal with the pain.

I started the second day into my outbreak and have been on 2400 mg a day for 2 weeks. I am continuing to take the full dose until I am symptom free. The neuralgia has been going on for 5 days now and is slowly getting less intense.
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this is an old post. please start your own post as we ask in our read before posting post on teh forum - thanks!
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