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herpes cure

Hey I know right now there is no herpes cure, but I hear there is a vaccine that may be available for women soon, to keep them from contracting the virus. Does ayone know if this is true? I guess this is just a hopeful question, but I know a virus is very hard to control and it mutates sooooo fast, that is why it is so hard to treat AIDS but does anyone know if scientist are trying to work on a herpes cure, not supression but a total cure? And is it even possible?
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Uh, yeah, I think you probably "heard" about it on this forum. Why don't you scroll down a few and read more, rather than taking the lazy way out and asking? Yeesh.

What the hell does "...mutates so fast" mean?
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Herpes doesn't mutate quite like HIV or even Hep C does.

Trust me, people are working on vaccines, cures, new therapies for all this stuff, but as of right now, we have NO cure for any virus.

I'd suggest working on accepting herpes rather than waiting for a cure for it.

If we do get a cure, it won't be anytime soon.

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Sorry kid, but there will never be a cure for any virus!  
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Hi Scaredam,

I posted a response on here, but it got flagged for some bizarre reason.  I've had some great results using MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution).  I know the name is awful, but keeping an eye on the company for about 2 years now, I decided to read some testimonials and have a look at the studies they've done.  It was enough to get me to try it, and the price is nowhere near what I would normally pay for herpes meds or even an asthma inhaler.

What I can tell you from my personal experience is that this appears to be a cure that works by "cleaning" the blood.  I've not been doing the therapy long, but I've had some very significant results already.  There are others who would claim the same about this product in regards to herpes and numerous other conditions.  You can find the solution using any search engine, but I can provide you with some links to some information on how and why it works as well as the official website of MMS, where you can see their studies, etc.  Apparently, I cannot post the link here, so feel free to message me if you'd like to know more.

I know this is a hot topic for some, and I've heard just about every point of view on this, but personally I just don't see how not keeping an open mind and talking negative ever got anyone anywhere.  I'm always open to talking to others who have this condition... sometimes it's the only thing that keeps me from feeling like I live in a small box...  so anyone who would like to know more, please feel free to message me or have a look at the wealth of information that's already out there.  I hope this helps!
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Can you spell SCAM
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Hi Slacker,

It's interesting because I just responded to another one of your posts, where you ask me more information about the therapy...

So, I can assure you this is not a scam.  I'm speaking from personal experience and have never even spoken to anyone at MMS.  I simply wanted to try it for myself to see if I would have similar results to those reported.... and I am!

I was particularly interested in the chemistry of the solution.  And if you know anything about chemistry, you should have no problem looking up the chemistry of the solution on any search engine and seeing for yourself how it works the way it does.  It's interesting stuff.

Anyway, it's working great for me and I'm sure many others, which is all that matters.  Actions speak louder than words, so I'll continue getting cured while you sit there spelling out "S-C-A-M", lol.
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