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herpes or MC or what

-I had drunken unprotected sex with a girl on 1DEC12 for about 1.5 hours. It was a one night stand. The next morning I noticed she had 3 dark lesions on butt/leg that she said had been there awhile. 1-2 days later I had tingling in at the tip of my penis. The tingling lasted about a week when about 10 single small bright red spots/bump appeared scattered in my pubic region. Nothing inside the bumps and they were not itchy or painful.
-I went to the clinic 7DEC. I was first told I had MC but after the specialists talked about I was told it was folliculitis. I had blood taken for STD testing. I was given some iodine scrub brushes and was told scrub out my pubic region. I did, and open all the spots/bumps. After the scrub brushes I use vinegar. Not much happened except the bumps were now open and were darker red.
-Went back to clinic on 16 DEC and wastold to use anti-biotic cream. I started using and within a few days the bumps were healed.
-On 1JAN I had sex again with a long term partner. The next day had the red spots again and now they had spread to my penis. Small group of 10 near the tip. 4 on the shaft. I pop one and it had thick whitish puss. Like a zit.  I get an occasional pricking feeling at the tip.
-Went back to clinic 6JAN. HIV, BV, gonorrhea and chlamydia negative.  Was told now I had MC and was given Imiquimod.
-8JAN noticed an inch red bumpy rash in groin between testicular and legs. I have been feeling random pricking through my entire body for the past couple days.

I have been looking at all the pictures and symptoms on the web. Nothing looks exactly matches Herpes, folliculitis or MC or gives me a definitive proof or what I have.  No major pain. Not itchy. I am uncomfortable because I know it is there. Occasional pricking in urethra. Random pricking throughout body.

I have something. Any thoughts on what the smoking gun is? I want to make sure I have proper treatment and do not infect some one else.
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I'd see a dermatologist at this point. MC wouldn't go away and then come back like this.  Most likely it's folliculitis but I'd definitely go for a 2nd opinion.

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How can I confirm if it is herpes? What makes you think it is not herpes? What symptoms am I not showing for herpes? The reason I thought it was not folliculitis is the appearance of the bumps on my penis.
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I've bee reading your post. You are very dedicated.

Since I did all my STD test about one week after my one night stand, are my results possiblly giving a false negitive? when do I re test?

Where is  a good place to look for HSV pictures?

The rash in my groin is slightly ichy now and noticed a small core sore in mouth near bottom theeth. More tired then normal past two days. Are there side effects with Imiquimod cream?

what other things have similar symtoms to HSV?
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herpes recurrences would be a single lesion, not multiple lesions like this.

only testing accurate 1 week post encounter is gonorrhea, chlamydia, ngu and trich.

many side effects from imiquimod cream :(   You should've received a pamphlet with the medication listing them.
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it has been about 10 days now and the group of ten on penis and in pubic region is healing up now. the first layer of skin is gone on every bump. I used
imiquimod cream twice. I think this is what caused some burning and headaches.

Two new bumps appeared yesterday at the top of shaft near where the 10 are. They look the same size as a large zits. One popped during washing. Thick white liquid and a solid white piece came out. like a zit. Rash in groin is raw. first layer of skin is peeling off. I think from rubbing during walking.

I will be going to get a culture next week.

What does fluid look like in Herpes? is it white like this?
What tests do I need to take again?
Can anti bacterial cream be used on day when not using imiquimod?
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you can't get a culture next week - far, far too late for it to be of any use.

this doesn't sound at all like herpes. be seen and get a proper exam and diagnosis.
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