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herpes syphillis

ok so here is my situation

i have routinely tested negative for everything since getting started sexually

BUT, I had and "itch" back in summer 2008, i was moving from my home town to a new state and showering unfortunately was limited. they said my condo was gonna be ready and it wasnt had to move in without the bathroom being done. so i went to the ER and was diagnosed with jock itch, got the cream, used it all up and felt good

So, summer 2010 comes around and i feel a lil itch again, i figure maybe the same thing since i started working out very hevily, so i went and got some lotrimin, used it for about a 2 weeks, and again no problems from that point.

then in novemeber 2010, i go and get tested because i saw something funny towards the head of my johnson. the doctor does the blood test. i come back a week later for my results and he says you got SYPHILLIS. i was tested in May 2008 and tested negative for everything. so we do another test to be sure, and so, i come back a week after that and he says my levels went up, i think i remember him saying something about an RPR test.

so, i i get 3 penicillin shots in the butt, dam they hurt alot, not all in the same day, but over a 3 week period.

i thought i was "in love" so i told the girl, the same one i was with(without a condom since like february 2010) what the doc told me. she goes to the ny state health clinic and test negative for everything.

we still continued our, unprotected relationship, BUT, maybe 2 weeks ago i got like 2 of these "chancres" again. so now we both go down to a totally different doctor and both get tested. the doctor tells us(seperately) that we have herpes. he gave me a copy of my test, which says that quest diagnostics says that "hsv 2 igg herpeselect ab tested out of range 1.80 with an index o 0.00-0.89

this test gives an interpretation o posiive as listed on the test results.


when i first got tested, the doctor did swab the "lesion" and it came back syphillis, i kno he tested for herpes, because he said "oh that might be herpes" and i told him test me for everythng. what i also remember is that maybe a month ago like all the skin in my genitals(balls) flaked off for like no reason at all, and the underside of the shaft of my "johnson" did the same thing, but it kinda hurt a lil bit, as if it were "raw"

i think i need to see a specialist at this point, i dont know what to think or even what to do, this is just crazy

does anyone know of a book or a website where there are alot and i mean alot of pictures of sti sores, there are a few on here but not enuff?

i dont know what is going on, what do i have, dont have? any siilar occurences cuz im lost PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP
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your hsv2 igg is positive but it's a low positive and might be a false positive. You'll need further confirmatory testing to determine if you really have hsv2 or not.

has your partner had blood testing for herpes yet?  

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i was prescribed valtrex, but my insurance decided 2 give me valacyclovir hcl 1 gram, im supposed to see the doctor again in a month.

she and i will no longer be seeing each other, altho i havent officially told her yet, so i dont kno what her levels were, but i do kno she tested positive,

one thing that still puzzles me is why did i test positive 4 syphillis twice and now i test negative, i thought the antibodies stay with you till you die????

and the bump i had was "crater-like", everything i have seen does not seem to imply that herpes has "crater-like" bumps, there were no cluster of blisters
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valacyclovir is valtrex.

no, syphilis tests won't always be positive once you've had it.  

herpes rarely presents in clusters unless you were completely hsv negative when you contracted genital herpes. Most folks have hsv1 orally , whether they get obvious cold sores or not which keeps it from presenting with the "classic" first ob that includes clusters.

at this point wait until 3 months after the last time you had sex with your partner and repeat your herpes igg blood tests. if you should get a recurrence of symptoms you can be seen promptly for a lesion culture and typing.
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