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is this herpes??

last monday I tried masturbating and a swollen lump formed on the tip of my penis, the swelling went down after an hour and left a tiny 1-3mm bump where the swelling was,  the masturbation was unlubricated, i had worn dress pants for a very long part of the day (14 hours or so) so it could have been injury to the glans.  I put polysporin on the bump and felt a burning sensation, but read online that polysporin had been known to do that, so upon removing it, the burning sensation disappeared from everywhere except inside my urethra (it felt like i had to pee for a day) and the bump went away within 1-2 days, never expanding, creating an ulcer or anything symptomatic of a genital herpes lesion.  My last sexual contact involving sex/oral was two months ago with my 2 year now ex-girlfriend, we were both virgins when we began having sex.  two weeks ago however, i made out with a girl, there was dry sex with underwear on and she was fingered as well, no sexual oral/genital penetration though.  I went to see 3 doctors, the first simply took a look at my penis, said it wasn't herpes, I get cold sores so i have HSV 1 already in my body, and so he prescribed valtrex, which i took that day because i felt a tingling in my lip.  later that day my testicles began to ache, as well as behind them.  i saw a second doctor after this symptom began and he diagnosed it as epididymitis.  upon leaving this doctor, my pelvis began to ache as well, as with the lower part of my back on the right side.  i started taking the medication he had prescribed then the next morning i saw another doctor because i wasn't sure if these new symptoms were still possible with epididymitis, she concurred (after 3 days, still no lesions or redness at all anymore) but i'm awaiting test results and slowly freaking out.  I have oral HSV1 so already my chances of catching genital herpes are rare, plus the no sexual contact just dry humping thing, but does it sound like i have herpes even without lesions or can epididymitis result in pelvic glad swelling and the pain in my lower right back?
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This really doesn't sound like genital herpes at all.

Start using a good lube when you pleasure yourself - be nice to the lil guy!!!

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oh thank god...  i've read your other posts grace, you know your stuff, thank you very much for all the work you do
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