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mouth sores/bumps??

I have these sores, they look like pimples, but don't behave like them.  I've had pimples around my mouth when I was younger going through puberty, however, I usually would pop them and they'd go away within a day or two.
These are red and slightly painful for a couple days, then eventually come to a tiny white head that I have to really squeeze to pop, it's a tiny bit of white, then clear fluid that comes out.  
after this it usually comes back again with another white head within a day and again I pop it.
They then stay red for a few more days then eventually start to diminish, but leaving a mark almost like a scar or discolored marking??

1) what does this sound like to you? cold sore? herpes?
2) could sun exposure trigger this?
3) another way to treat this?
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Sounds like a bad pimple.
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sounds exactly like something I had/or have it has since went away iv'e tried several treatments not sure if they were the effective force or not, any additional symtoms
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that's exactly what they are, they are small pimples that occur every few weeks around my mouth.
usually above my upper lip?
what does this sound like?  
anyone with similar symptoms?
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