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my worst fear - Direct/Indirect Contact Transmission to a baby

I have a 5 months old and I am concerned I have transmitted HSV to her. I am hyper aware of transmitting my HSV to my baby. I wash my hands before and after any changes I have exam gloves and a lil spatula when ever I have had to apply any ointment. I do not want my hand even when I know they are washed to touch her when changing her diaper. That is until a little over 2 weeks ago, in a blurry eyed hazed I got up to change her diaper at 4am (she pooped everywhere) and I set her on the changing pad took one wipe and swept her but with the wipe and at that moment I realized I did not wash my hands and worse I also realized that I had an irritation in my groin that I had scratched in my sleep some time before waking to her dirty diaper cry. I may have folded the wipe an swiped again before that realization. I may have touched her with part of my hands and not realized it. But upon the awareness I put on exam gloves b/c I could not leave her poop mess and open diaper on the changing table. after I put her back to bed, I woke my partner and said it finally happened. I slipped up and didn't wash my hands before changing her. Fast forward to a few days ago she started getting a but rash that was not going away. Little white dots in her butt crack. We called the doctor share my HSV status and fear and she says it is probably a yeast rash. We would try Nystatin and if that didnt make it better we should make an appointment. I felt minor relief but fearful still. We tried nystatin that made the white bumps go away but gave her what looks like a burn on the outside of her butt cheeks. Called the doctor and I am again terrified that I have transmitted this to my baby.

Will HSV survive on my hands, then touching the bedding and then on the baby wipe and then infect my baby. Some places I read it's fragile and other places I read its so contagious and can live for periods of time. Can some one give me feedback. I am racked with anxiety to the point of vomiting with fear. We have an appointment in a few days and I am nearly coming unglued.
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I will try to set your mind at ease. I take it your hsv is genital? Which strain of hsv do you have?

Ok with that out if the way. I'm just going to proceed as you have genital hsv. You are not going to spread your genital hsv to your baby!!! That I need you to understand. No need for gloves or a spatula. Just use normal everyday good hygiene habits.
Hsv is fragile when exposed. You touching yourself and then changing your baby minutes later is no risk. The virus can live for a bit but it weakens very quickly. Hsv is not a super contagious virus and if it was spread like your worried about every single person would have it. I applaud your efforts and that makes you a very good new Mom!!! Everything will be fine and again I assure you your daughter is not going to contract hsv from you.
Thank you for your reply. Yes, I have it genitally. I don't know if it's 1 or 2; i knew I had been exposed and asked my doctor abt my symtoms. I take valcyclovir 500mg daily as a supressant as an extra precaution but still get itchy irritations. I had the tail end of one around that time and in my sleep I scratched and in my sleep deprivation I did not wash (seriously for the first time) my hands before changing her diaper. This rash persistant diaper rash came two weeks later and my heart sunk and I filled with terror.
  I am curious you say hav is not a super contagious virus but I feel like so much of what I have read says it is. Am I missing something?
Being on antiviral meds cuts down on outbreaks and shedding which is a very good thing. I would get an igg blood test To see which strain you have. A sore that is in the healing stage (scabbed over) isn't likely contagious at that point. Usually that means the virus has retreated back down the nerve path.
I know the literature makes it seem like it's extremely contagious but it really isn't. It's common as an std because that's the way it's transmitted. It needs a break in the skin or mucous membrane. It also needs friction to massage it I to the skin. That's why most all infections are on the penis shaft or vagina opening. Very thin delicate skin and it's the point of mist friction. You will not spread it from your hands. I assure you your daughter is safe. A cold is extremely contagious. Hsv not so much. There are many couples where one person has genital hsv and the other person never contracts the virus. Even in long term marriages.
Sorry for the spelling errors. New phone and I suck with technology!!
One more thing. If the rash was due to hsv (It isnt) your daughter would've had an outbreak within 5-7 days later. Not two weeks. Adults can rarely have the primary 14 days later. Babies immune systems are not strong and it would be been very soon after.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback! This is good info and perspective. The idea of my daughter getting it has had me beside myself and I have been trying to get even further educated as to keep her safe. I have just been so overly cautious and the one time I "misstep" in my safely protocols I set for her, she gets her first severe diaper rash in God awful and unsettling timing.  The Dr via phone again said she doubts it is HSV based on the skins reaction to the Nystatin but needs to see it on friday to really assess. Thanks again. For any furture reader's benefit I will follow up with the outcome.
Please do. I look forward to hearing she's fine. Remember young children get all sorts of skin rashes and irritations.
Update: Baby appears to be all clear. Dr examined her and says she has no concerns of transmission. She did have a reaction to the Nystatin medicine and the timing was just terrible. Thank you again for the quick response and feedback. I really appreciate it.
I'm very glad to hear the good news!!! You're very welcome
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