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questionable Info

As i'm reading these questions posted by truely concerned infected people, i see responces by the same people over and over.  I am seeing alot of inconsistancy within everyones answers compared to things my doctor has told me. What are your cridentionals?  Are we all doctors?  I am a personal trainer and manager of a fitness center.  I would cation everyone who takes all this info and applies it to there life.  I just want to STRESS the importance of everyones word choice, when responding to someones question.  Because you are influncing someones life, and that has consqunces.  
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Take it up with Medhelp. It is prominently displayed that this forum is unmoderated. That means if anybody posting has doubts about the information given, they should of course check with their own health care provider.

What are my cridentionals[sic]? I'm not in the medical profession, if that is what you are asking. I have a professional (postgraduate) degree, however.

You may be a "personal trainer" and  manager of a fitness center, but your poor grammar and spelling undermine your credibility. You could enhance your professionalism in general with the use of a spellchecker and/or a grammar checker. Your clients might actually appreciate it.

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I work in the health care industry and I"m also an ASHA moderator.  I also moderate on the herpes homepage and am a frequent contributor to Terri Warren's board on webmd.

So why not tell us what your doc told you that isn't the same as what we say here? Perhaps we can clear those things up for you?

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