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small, hard, raised red bump

My last sexual contact (protected) was two weeks ago today. About two days after contact i noticed a small, hard raised red bump at the base of my penis but not on the penis. It was hard and raised from the skin. It did not have white puss or anything like that. It never itched or was painful and did not pop. I also had brown moles appear in my pubic area and on my testicle. The doctor said it could have been hpv and decided to freeze them off. He also said the bump did not "look" like the typical herpes. But from what i have read it could look like one small pimple and is raised from the skin, as opposed to in the skin. He decided to freeze that off too. It has been two weeks and now the bumps has popped, 4 days after the freezing. i have not noticed any puss or what has come out of it but it is still blood red but no true scabbing except for the skin around the bump from the freezing. It is very small and hard for me to see everything. I cleaned the bump/area with baby wipes and no tingling like it would with an open sore. Another thing the skin around the bump was never red or irritated. The moles are still there and irritated and now i have noticed a very small dark red bump different from the first one in the other side of me genitals, and one on my testicles. They are small very hard, and dark red in color - again with no irritation or pain. I am going back to the doctor next week and i know it is too soon for a herpes test but does anyone have an idea what t could be?

Side note- I had brief unprotected oral sex with the same person that night and two days later had enlarged circumvallate  papillae, which i was told was normal. and slight white color on my tongue. A few days after that i had enflamed gums, sore throat and swollen throat glands. No pain. just irritating tonsils. I went to the dentist and she said i had a ton of plague which could have caused all those oral symptoms. But did not say anything about gingvia caused by herpes. It has been two weeks and have been given aciclivor, antibiotics, and antiimflammitory the same day i noticed the symptoms (2 days after contact). I still have a slightly sore throat, red and still not very painful. No pain when swallowing liquid or eating food. No bumps on or in my mouth, just a few pimples (according to 3 doctors), and what looks like forcyde bumps on my lips. not sure if they were there. I had a slight fever for one day but no muscle cramps or any thing like that. Again none of these symptons were ever painful. could the aciclivor stopped all the true symptoms from appearing. These first symptoms started and then never completed. The day after i was done with my aciclivor (200mg 5 times a day for 10 days) is when the first red bump popped. could the aciclivor prevented the bump from popping and once i stopped taking it the process continued or more likely due to the freezing by the doctor?

I know i should not get "medical advice" from here but i have been seeing a doctor and 3 of them said it is no herpes an i am just worrying myself to death. i am going back to the doctor this week and will talk more with them about my new red bumps.  does anyone have any idea what this could be? am i worrying myself more than anything or does this sound like a true herpes outbreak? or any other std for that matter? Would hpv cause these symptoms as well?

sorry for the long post. any help, suggestions, comparisons or advice would be greatly appreciated.

thank you!
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yeah, doctors do not freeze moles or pimples. Moles they typically excise and if it was a cystic pimple they could inject it with coritsone. They do freeze warts though. If you went to a reputable dermatologist or urologist, that physician should be able to decipher between something that looks herpetic or not (usually) and if it is questionable they would do a culture of it.

Did you have these "moles" before this or did they just crop up after this incident. Frankly from what I read I don't even think genital warts would come out within 2 weeks. If what the doctor froze was HPV it sounds like you had that long before this incident of two weeks ago.
2-20 days you would see herpes lesions if you had contracted genital herpes and were going to get obvious lesions while others are asymptomatic but with HPV, according to ASHA, it would take several weeks (like 3) to several months for the appearance of warts. Hence, why I believe the warts were there before your last sexual encounter.

Have a different doctor, preferably a dermatologist, look at the new bumps that have recently appeared. I would tell him exactly when they appeared. He/She should be able to determine if they are a wart or a herpes lesion. In addition, to have something that is suspected to be herpes cultured, you need to do that within 48hours of when you notice otherwise the culture runs the risk of not being accurate.

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any help? or suggestions? Worrying myself to death.
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