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urethritis of unknown cause, fleshy pimple on shaft herpes related?

Ive been having white, green, and now yellow discharge from my penis for about a week, with painful urination and tenderness. I have a small redish, skin colored bump on the top of my shaft, and its not going away.  My girlfriend has hsv on her lip and she had an outbreak about a month ago or so.

Ive got an hsv igg test, and im waiting for results. But does this even seem like a herpes infection? The last time i had sex i used a spermicide gel, and that got deep inside my urethra, but i cant ignore the potential circumstances. I was also tested for Gonnoreah and chlamydia. Im really hoping i severely irritated my urethra with that gel. How long does urethritis last, at least the dripping?
On a side note, the pimple appeared the day after i saw the green stuff coming out, my stress level was at maximum, and i know dormant herpes is activated with stress. I havent been tested for herpes in a long time, but i didnt have it before.
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I also have small white spots inside the tip of my urethra.
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I keep noticing different things. My meatus is all cracked dried, like chapped lips.
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What does your dr think?
Seeing as how the bump appeared after treatment with the rocephin shot he didnt see it. Im going to be seeing thr doctor as soon as i can. My exposure was about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Im waiting for the igg test ro return. As far as my other symptoms, the doctor(walkin clinic) coulsnt determine what the cause was. He said that urethritis isnt associated with yellow or green discharge. I feel dumb, but i failed to tell him about the spermicide, however wirh this bump i became concerned about hsv, as herpes can cause urethritis and discharge. But prior to my use of the spermicide gel i had no symptoms of anything. I asked my gf if i had complained of urinary problerns, and she said no. But this bump though.
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