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waiting for western blot results...

IgG HSV1 is <0.91
IgG HSV2 is 1.80

I'm waiting for my western blot results to come back... what is the likelihood that this is a false positive?
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Any test can give a false positive theoretically. Were you knowingly exposed? What made you get tested? I would bet on it being correct. Sorry for the diagnosis, I feel your pain. Been 8 months since my diagnosis, but it is manageable.
not knowingly exposed, initially got the test because i just wanted to get a full check because i've never gotten a full screen before. haven't had any outbreaks that i know of genitally or orally. hopefully i can cope with the diagnosis if it does indeed come back positive... i am just wishing and hoping that it comes back negative...
Did you have multiple sexually partners or a recent sexual partner? You can get HSV 1 orally obviously but HSV 2 typically stays in the genital area so it must have been from sex. You didn't have symptoms just asked to have a herpes blood test?
Also, iGG tests are always more accurate than Igm tests.
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Igm tests are useless. Your 1.8 igg value is clearly in the suspect low positive range. Anything lower that a 3.5 needs confirmation. The odds this is a false positive is about 50/50.
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