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where can i get the biokit HSV2 test done in NYC?

only place i found was montefiore STD center in bronx and they are by appointment 1 week later.  most people go to STD clinics with symptoms that require time-sensitive diagnosis (not in my case, but still) so this doesn't sound so great to me.  i want to make same day appointment or a walk-in and just come in and take the test, it is a simple test under 10 minutes.  and i can't find out who offers the test other than by asking each provider one by one - hey do you offer the biokit test?  all this drama to get a simple rapid test done which should be readily available.  very frustrating.

does anyone know where in manhattan or queens i can get the biokit test done?  thanks.
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as long as it's been 4 months since the last time you had sex, you can make that appointment and go and get tested.  

you can call the biokit folks to see if anyone else in your area is offering the biokit.  
http://www.biokitusa.com/hsv_introduction.htm  is the link with the number to call.  

getting a biokit blood test when you have symptoms isn't appropriate. it can take months for a newly acquired infection to show up on the blood test and with the high rates of hsv1 genital infections, getting a lesion culture and typing of active symptoms is the more appropriate method of diagnosis.  

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thanks for the info grace, i know this, i was just saying that a week is a pretty long time to be wait to be seen for an STD in general.  i tested neg w/ herpeselect at 12 wks and asked dr. HHH about my situation.  although he strongly believes i don't have HSV2 (despite multiple suspicious recurrent genital symptoms) i can't get my mind off this.  

i read these 2 articles from which it appears that biokit has shorter seroconversion times than herpeselect for non-primary HSV2.


so i want to get a biokit test.  had to make appointment for next week with montefiore clinic bc i couldn't find anything else; it will be 15 week test.  i called biokit, they were useless and wouldn't tell me who in my area offered it, said i had to ask my medical provider.  

this should not be so hard, it should be routine.  25% of new york adults are HSV2+ and one can't even get a blood test for it at an STD clinic.  you can get tested for every other STD, except the worst one (other than HIV of course) which you suffer from and can transmit for the rest of your life.

hard to believe noone else in NYC offers it, i can't even just buy it and test myself.  unless someone knows where else i can go, i'll suppose i will just have to wait until next week now.
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trust me - preaching to the choir on this one.  testing should be offered regularly.

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actually, i had called a different # at biokit, they told me at the # you gave me that there are in fact only 3 places in all of NYC that offer it.  one is monte, 2nd phone # is outdated, 3rd is in the city, spoke with them and might just go there instead tomorrow.  thanks for your help.
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Did you actually find a clinic for biokit in NYC?  Can you tell me where it is?
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most posters do not stop back to check for replies to their posts this long after asking them. might be better off sending this poster a pm asking for info :)

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Dr. William Jimenez
470 West End Ave.
New York, NY 10024
(212) 724-6780
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