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Hi All,

I am feeling terrible because my wife received an abnormal pap while pregnant and is scheduled for a colcoscopy.  I used to frequent massage parlors and get "happy ending " massages which I thought were considered safe sex.  I stopped about a half a year ago as I thought better of the idea.  My wife is pregnant and got an abnormal pap and is scheduled for a colcoscopy.  I am scared that I may have given her HPV that i received from a massage parlor and further, that this could affect her health down the road.    I am scared that I could have done this and terrified that she could get sick from it.  
1.  What are the chances of this?
2.  Are hpv tests normally run before they do a colcoscopy?
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1. Not from you if you were only masterbated
2. I believe some kind of test would be run.

And did you mean a colonoscopy?
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colposcopy is what you meant :)  ( vance, a colonoscopy is for the bowels...he he he )

whether a woman is tested for hpv depends on the institution she is seen at.  Some will routinely test any abnormal pap result for hpv, some only test abnormal pap results for high risk hpv  and some won't test for hpv at all.  

Many things can cause an abnormal pap. if it just came back as abnormal and not a CIN designation, odds are it's not hpv.  It's not too uncommon to have abnormal pap results when pregnant.  Most providers won't even do a colposcopy.  

so let's say your wife comes back with a + hpv result, either low risk or high risk. does that mean that you brought hpv home from having other partners?  it could be. does it mean that you had hpv prior to her and gave it to her prior to this? it could be.  Does it mean that she had hpv prior to meeting you, cleared it at that time and now pregnancy  has caused it to reactivate? it could be. Honestly the two of you will never figure that part out at all.  The only part that is important at this point is making sure your wife doesn't have abnormal cells that are indicative of changes in her cervical cells that have the potential to progress to cancer.  

don't hesitate to talk to a professional if you feel that you can't deal with your feelings on your own. Your wife needs you 100% at her side right now and you also have to be getting ready to bring a new baby into the world in the next few months :)


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