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Can this be HPV someone please help!

Hello everyone I need anyone who is informed help. I am a male 25 years old and have had many sexual partners. About 40. I have recently within the past year or two developed problems while pooping, problems with my rectum in general. I would start to bleed when I would wipe and would also get extremely itchy! I hate pooping because when I do it just itches down there until I shower or put my butt in the sink to clean it. I wanted to see if it was exposed wounds or like fissures, so I put alcohol on a piece of paper and placed it on my rectum and well, it burned the crap out my booty. Literally. recently Ive read that if you have bumps in your rectum it could be warts (HPV) so I placed my finger in there and felt a small tiny bump about one inch on my left side inside my rectum. So I went to the mirror and saw a few small bumps in there that are flesh colored. About 3 that I could see. About 1/5 of an inch each one. Anyhow. So my symptoms are bleeding from rectum, itchy after poop, burning. Sometimes hurting when pooping (feels like shards of glass passing through) And now when me and my gf were having sex doggy style I saw a skin tag on the bottom of her rectum, I dont think she had that before. But she is known to have skin tags since birth...I dont know can someone who knows what theyre talking about please help. I dont know if its fissures, tumors, cancer, warts, bumps,hemmoroids, or if its normal. IDK
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It's not cancer. It could be a couple unrelated issues. The bleeding can just be a normal thing many people experience when defeating. Blood on the toilet paper is not uncommon. There's lots of blood vessels right there. They're called hemorrhoids. The bumps are Abbotts thing. There is no way to know whether it's a wart or skin tags or something else without going to a doctor or dermatologist. You'll have to make an appointment. Know also that without a biopsy it'll be a visual confirmation only.
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Ive always thought it was hemorrids but I'm 25, turning 26 this year. It just hurts when I poop excessively and bleeds when I wipe. How do you know its not cancer?? Thank you
I've bled on the paper after pooping for decades starting in my 20s. My was painless. My dad and my doctor explained that this is simply due to ruptured blood vessels. There are tons of little vessels in the anus and everyone is a little unique down there so some will bleed more often. I even had a thrombosed hemorrhoid there twice and that hurts like hell.

Cancer is very rare and I'm imagining you don't si much anal activity. Not that that matters because you're super young to even have the cancer cycle manifest so quickly. It takes a long time to happen. If you're able, talk to a doctor about it. Also, putting alcohol on it would burn no mate what is think.

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