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Genital Warts HPV

hi, i got diagnosed with HPV in September. i have been getting treatment but the warts never completely cleared. Once I was done my Aldara treatment my doctor gave me Vyloma which is 3.75% rather then 5%. Initially i put it on once a day but my skin became very sensitive to it and so she decided freezing was a better option. She froze them on Monday but nothing changed, so I went to another doctor on Wednesday and still nothing. I used the Vyloma last night and have decided to try and use it every other day. I have made another appointment to have my warts freezed on Monday. Will these ever go away? Is it supposed to get worse before it gets better? I am leaving for vacation next week and I really hoped to have this cleared before then so I could enjoy it. This is really ruining my self esteem and my confidence. I feel disgusted with myself I feel like I won't ever find a solution.
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I'm sorry to hear you are suffering and your feelings are very natural and understoodable (shared by many), yet please bear in mind your infection might be relatively new. The genital warts are caused by some strains of HPV - so as long as it's active you might still get warts growth.

Don't let it ruin your vacation. Over time the virus goes to dormant state and/or your immune system manages to control and eliminate it (see CDC's website regarding HPV clearance in most infected people).

Since the symptoms (warts) cause you some emotional stress it might be benefitical for you to keep with the treatment, and maybe to consult an expert about your emotional stress.

Over time it will get better and you'll have less breakouts to none, but it could take up to few years so you got to have some patience.
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Thank you,

If I decide to have future partners will they get it as well or should I just remain sexually abstinent.
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sorry i forgot to press reply.
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Hello again,

Having an healthy sexual life is a vital part of your general health. Being infected with HPV in the present (or in the past) is not a necessary cause to be sexually abstinent.

Your future partner(s) will have might (and probably so) been already infected. Please remember this STI is VERY common, yet the affected person not always showing or suffering from symptoms, and in most cases the specific infection goes away within a few years as stated above. So you also don't have to tell about your past infection to a new future partner (but that's not a medical question anyway).

In the meantime, you might want to keep with the treatment and using condoms while having sex (you can also decide not to continue having sex until symptoms are gone or relieved).
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Thank you for your kind words. I am currently undergoing cyro treatment and using the Vyloma every other day. Hopefully things will get better soon, and hopefully once this outbreak is resolved I don't have to go through this again.  
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Good luck, then, and get us updated with your treatment.

By the way, it's important to keep up with the treatment plan as instructed by your health care provider. In general if you have any questions or concerns about it, it's best to consult your provider. There are many possible treatment modalities for your issue.
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She basically told me to come in about once a week for cyro.. She also said earlier that I can use it in association with the Vyloma. I will definitely keep you posted on my treatment. Thank you again.

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i was able to refill my aldara perscription. in the past this has worked the best for me. i used it last night and i can already feel the difference. i am going to get a freeze on monday and then continue w/ aldara through my vacation :)
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HPV infection cannot be forgotten that easily. It's true that HPV can be cleared up by our own antibody but it needs at least few months to do that, sometimes up to 2 years, sometimes even more...

what you can do is to clear up your warts every time they come back (cryotherapy, electrocautery, etc.) and try to live as healthy as you can.

If you have been 6 months wart-free (no more wart recurrence in the past 6 months), then you can consider yourself cleared up. Before then, it's still possible that your HPV is still active and you are still contagious. HPV should be no longer contagious once you past this 6 months interval time.
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its definitely going to be a long process. but i am sure that i will be okay once again, eventually. I am only 19 years old, im drinking pure aloe vera juice everyday, take cod liver oil.. and oil of oregano (most days). I eat tons of fruits and veggies everyday. etc.

if you have any other suggestions for me i would love to hear them.

thank you
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