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Gettinf frustrated with this forum!

I've posted a question a few days ago about what I'm going thru and no responses. So I'll try once more. I'm currently 9w5d pregnant. I have genital warts. They started off small at the beggining of my pregnancy but have since multiplied and gotten huge. I know its normal to happen during pregnancy but my doctor will not remove them til the baby is born the 4th of july. They will be horrible by then! I already feel ugly and dirty about it to the point I cry and won't let my hubby see me naked. I can't get my area waxed so now I feel like a neanderthal ( wrong spelling sorry)... there has got to be away of getting rid of these horrid things while being pregnant. Everything I've found online says it not safe during pregnancy. But if this is so normal to happen during this time, there should be a solution somewhere! Has anyone had these things while pregnant? How did you cope with them? What treatment if any are ok for pregnancy? It hurt to clean up after I p. Told the doctor that and nothing! Grrr! Please help me
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Sorry to hear bout what you been going through.  I myself have warts as well and still treating it with aldara for 3x a day, but since you're pregnant, i dont know if it's advisable for you to use it since aldara is a strong treatment for genital warts.  Have you tried to go to another doctor for second opinion since your doctor doesn't want to take action for it?Just try to go to another doctor so you will know what to do with it since your doctor is not giving you any information about HPV.   I have 3 strains, both high and low risks of this HPV.  warts as low risk and high risk that someday will fall to cancer. :(
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Omg! I'm so sorry. This is scarey sh*t! I was raped a few years ago and that how I got it. Been with 2 men willingly. My sons dad and now my husband. They both tested clean for everything. So. About the doctor. I don't have medical yet but will soon I hope. Can't really afford to dr bounce. Just wish mine wasn't a jerk lol. About the dif strand, how did you find out you had 3?
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sorry, i mean 3x a week to apply aldara.  I had HPV testing done through pap/swab, and its 2 weeks after to know the result.  This test is so expensive, I am even losing money coz of this HPV crap.  I have noticed my warts first week of NOv.,  I have been getting paper cuts on perineum area and those warts appear on the cuts I had as well.  You must have your pap smears in order to know if you have abnormal cells so they could take action and biopsy/colposcopy, etc.there are lots of procedures they need to do if someone has high risk HPV that has abnormal cells during pap smear.
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Have you tried applying home remedies like Apple cider vinegar?  Have you also tried boosting your immune system with vitamins? Pregnancy lowers a woman's immune system and that allows the virus to flourish.
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Sad to say I have an allergy to vinegar... I heard it does wonders tho. I'm taking extra vit c too..
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I believe that both trichloroacetic acid and cryotherapy (where they freeze them off) are acceptable options while pregnant?  Methods that don't involve some medication that could be absorbed into the bloodstream (such as aldera or condylox).  My dr used tricholoracetic acid on mine and it was very effective at removing the warts.  Google it and see what options there are for pregnant women, I know I've read some.  And I've also read that the warts can resolve on their own after birth, even without treatment.  
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