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Girlfriend has HPV, I'm Uncircumcised. Now What?

My girlfriend has HPV. She was treated a little over a year ago for internal lesions. She's recovering well. We have never had unprotected sex. We have used condoms every time. Every time.

On a recent trip to her gynecologist, I was called into the exam room, and her doctor gave me the hard sell on circumcision. I am uncircumcised, and he feels it's a no-brainer.

I am FREAKED OUT. I love my girlfriend, but I'm 32, and my foreskin is part of my identity.

I get the impression her doctor is old-school and brash, but I don't want to endanger my girlfriend or any potential children down the road.

I want no part of circumcision. How necessary is it? Can it be avoided?
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First of all, condoms do not cover the base of the penis. Or the scrotum, thighs or buttocks. You probably already have what she has as condoms provide a 50% protection from acquiring or transmitting HPV. The lack of visible genital warts means nothing. Most men are carriers esp since they cannot be tested for it. Take a look at this link - one on hand it says that the risk of penile cancer is higher for men with foreskin and yet there are studies that say the opposite. So I am guessing her doctor is playing the odds and suggesting this to prevent something later on in life. Especially since you want to have children with her and stop using condoms.


Get a second opinion from a urologist or your GP. It cannot hurt.
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Thanks for the advice.

I talked to my GP. He found the idea of circumcision so patently absurd that he sort of dismissed it outrightly. That said, he conferred with a gynecologist on staff who also felt there was no tangible benefit to circumcision.


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