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HPV / Genital Wart Cure - These cures may work for many types of HPV - Pass it on

These have been proven to work, however they may not work for everyone.  It's important to convert to a diet of fruits and vegetables with at least 20 minutes of sun a day, while trying to heal yourself.  It's also important to avoid alcohol and smoking.

I tried for 4 years before any results.  I tried Aldara treatments over and over again.  I tried cutting them off with knife. I tried Veregen and even Aldara & Veregen at the same time.  Even burning them off first with over the counter wart remover. The warts would go away but come back. I then changed my diet and started exercising daily.  I ate super healthy and took Aloe Vera & Bee Propolis and Tagamet just once daily.  I also used Aldara & Veregen again one more time, first burning them off with salicylic acid (wart remover). Warning, I have scared from the salicylic acid and aldara use.  However, this time it worked in about 6 months and I have not seen any come back.  I thought for sure they would not ever go away but they finally did and in my mind the Tagamet made the biggest difference but I give some credit to the Aloe Vera & Bee Propolis, my diet and exercise as well.  I will be taking Celebrex for the next 6 months to a year, just to make sure I have it cleared but it seems I have finally cured myself.



Aloe Vera & Bee Propolis

Folate, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and methionine

Selenium (did not show statistically relevant improvements)

Topical Creams (Genital Warts Only)
Aldara (imiquimod)

Veregen (sinecatechins) ointment

Oral Meds

Tagamet (cimetidine) - over the counter antacid

Celebrex has recently been linked to a cure for HPV.

Lopinavir - going to be almost impossible to get


HPV Vaccine for the infected.

Additional Info:

Other Herbs / medicines that might aid in boosting immune system / antiviral properties

Low Dose Naltrexone has also been shown to improve the immune

Adult Multivitamin & Minerals - I recommend a good whole-food multi-vitamin with trace minerals

. Vitamin A - has been found to support skin cells and immune function

. Vitamin B complex - you need to get enough B vitamins as these help synthesize energy that your cells and immune cells need to reproduce and function

. Vitamin C - Vitamin C is well known to support immune function

. Vitamin D - This one is extremely important and the best source is undoubtedly from sunlight but if you can't get enough sunlight or just want some extra vitamin d, take a good supplement. vitamin D has been shown to help mediate immune system function properly and maintain mood and hormone balance.

. Vitamin E - for cell function and has been linked to immunity

. Zinc - I prefer sulphate but gluconate is also meant to be good, supports immune function

. Selenium - supports immune function

. Garlic - Antiseptic and anti fungal, allicin in Garlic has this property, basically helps make environment difficult for viruses/bacteris to survive.

. Shitake/Miatake/Reishi mushroom extract - in Japanese herbal medicine these have been found to boost the immune system

. L-lyceine - It's an amino acid. Research shows it helps people who have herpes outbreaks both orally and in the genital region. it's helps inhibit virus replication and support immune function.

Green Tea - it's been shown to have many health benefits including boosting the immune system and even attacking cancer cells.

Probiotic - Maintaining healthy levels of gut bacteria help immunity, antibiotics actually kill good bacteria in the stomach and it takes months to get back to normal levels. Especially, if you've taken antibiotics recently then definately follow up with a course of probiotics to get your gut flora back to good levels.

Omega 3 and 6 - proven to help maintain normal hormone levels and thus immunity

Pau d'Arco - Antiviral herb - http://paudarco.org/

Other advice:

Start leading a healthier life. Eat organic as much as possible, exercise daily, eat healthy, stop smoking cigs if you do, cut down or out booze, get more rest, reduce stress via meditation or exercise, take multi-vitamins and supplements (A, B+ with Folic acid, C with bioflavonoids, E, Zinc, Garlic, Elderberry pills, etc).  Veggie, Fruit, Superfood Grass Smoothie daily


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Hopefully people take a read through this post and find some encouragement. There's a lot of information there to go through, but it all seems pretty good. Don't know why you'd be banned anywhere else though for it.
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hi what is Tagamet? I am also looking for a cure since 2013 for the wart. How you use Tagamet in wart?
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I just wanted to say, I've been posting here for years and hopefully I've help a few people but I made this same post on http://www.************.com and they banned me for it.  They called it "advertising" and it was such a terrible violation, I was BANNED.

I want you to know, you can click on my username and see I've been posting periodically for years here.  I don't post often but when I do it's to communicate and share information.  

I tried for years to cure my HPV and nothing worked and now that something did work, I want to share it.  I don't want to make money for it, I just HOPE that it works for others as well.  

If I could ask just one thing, I would ask that IF anyone has success with the information I provided that they would come back to this thread and post exactly what THEY did as well.
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