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HPV also in sperm

To all of you,

it seems that in recent studies have shown that -obviously- healthy men, have detectable HPV-virus in their sperm and could infect others without knowing it. With these men, no external warts were visible.

According to cancer-sites on the i'net, hpv is the main cause of oral cancer, today.

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Is this info from a truly credible source? Because I am wondering- if hpv virus can be found in sperm, why wouldn't they have an hpv test for men?

Here is something else I have been wondering. I understand oral cancer caused by hpv is rare and all that. However, everything I have read says that basically those strains that cause warts don't cause cancer and those strains that can cause cancer don't cause warts.

So why is it that oral cancer caused by hpv is shown by warts in the mouth/throat?

Or am I mistaken on some of my statements?
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you are completely right amanda....the strains that cause warts are the low risk (they do not cause cancer)...and the strains that can cause cancer are the high risk strains (which can not cause warts)...i have also read that oral hpv leading to oral cancer is really rare, but who knows....and, about the hpv being in the sperm...im not sure if hpv is in the sperm or not...but i do know that men CAN be tested for hpv, its just that none of the men's hpv tests are approved by the FDA...i have read that men can be tested for hpv in other countries...not sure which countries though...
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"Who knows" my sentiments exactly! I think the worst thing about hpv is that so little is actually known about it. You get conflicting information from doctors because they don't even know what's going on.

I was told that hpv was being over treated and now the guidelines have changed. They are no longer supposed to jump the gun so to speak in performing leep procedures and whatnot. Another question, being that hpv can go dormant in the system of a healthy woman's body, does this mean that we're all going to get cervical cancer when we're older and simply unhealthy in general? I feel there is truly much more to be learned about hpv. It will come, but it will take a few more years I think.

I have also read there are tests for men but I read the tests are only used in clinical settings, whatever that means. There needs to be testing done for men. With hpv awareness so low, something needs to be done here. Even I was unaware men were not tested for hpv. They truly believe they are hpv free when receiving negative std results. The high risk strains are the worst though, because while it poses little (if any) threat to a male, the absence of symptoms (and testing) basically gives him a permit to go around infecting women with a potentially cancer causing virus.
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Yes, there are tests available for men to diagnose hpv... the test is currenlty being used in UK but no FDA approved test is available...

HPV lives on skin surfaces and has nothing to do with your blood, urine, semen, or any secretions...

HPV is not the cause of oral cancer but is a causitive factor... tobacco use remains the major cause of oral cancer...

Low risk hpv strains never cause cancerous lesions but benign...
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I think there is a misunderstanding, several studies have proven that HPV is found in sperm, i.e. body fluids. The virus is also found in saliva. The cancer causing types of hpv(16,18,31,45...) are LINKED with oral, head and neck cancer too. You can find some info about this here:


It would not surprise me that it is the causative agent for many oral, head and neck cancers. Of course, not the ONLY causative agent, but an important one. It's simple: if it can cause cancer in the cervix, than also elsewhere.

Some companies have progressed already with therapeutic vaccines against these cancer causing types. Transgene, a French company is starting phase III trials, already, with good results. What I do not know, yet, if this is also for men. The tests where only conducted on women, not men. This is what I find completely lacking, nobody obviously, is looking at treating men.

To be honoust, these therapeutic vaccines will become available, if you have clear signs of developing cancer, not when you are infected. They think that most people get rid of the virus itself. Women can have their regular pap-test to see whether they have pre-cancerous lesions. For men, there is no pap-like test. Only if you might ask to have a biopt of your throat, mouth etc... But even then, I don't think they will do this. HPV can also cause brain tumors...

So, personally I think men should also be tested and therapeutic drugs need become avaliable -for both sexes- to help you getting rid of the virus, even if you don't have cancer, yet. Once you have cancer, it's too late, especially when you have a brain tumor.


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I also forgot to mention:

Cidofovir, an anti-viral, not devloped for HPV showed in trials that it eliminates the HPV- virus. The disadvantage is, that Cidofovir, like most of the anti-virals, was developed for HIV+ people. So, these drugs are very expensive. In Belgium it costs about 700-800 Euros, and it will not be payed by your health insurrance if you are not HIV+.

But Cidofovir helps you to kill the virus...

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