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HPV concern


Mostly i am concerned why the symptoms of HPV have appeared. I have warts around the anus, although i am heterosexual (male), who has never engaged in any sort of anal activity.

I am worried that for most people, the immune system can cope with HPV and symptoms never appear. Does this mean that i have a suppressed immune system? I had the flu in February and a cold last week, but thats about it. Obviously i am concerned about the HPV being a sign of HIV.

Any thoughts?
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RELAX..HPV and HIV ARE TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS!!!! having one std def can increase your chance of getting another one if you're exposed...but having HPV (as common as the flu) in NO way means that you have HIV..apples and oranges

HPV can lay dormant for decades and can make an "appearance" when you're body's immune system is weakened (stress, poor diet, natyral weakening of the immune system as we get older)

You're HPV coming back just means you need to make some life changes (diet..more veggies/fruits/leafy veg, exercise, supplements that naturally help boost your immune system (i'm about to try papillex (check out their site..heard about them on the national cervical and hpv coalition support group)

hope that this helps :)
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Hi there,

Thanks for your comments. Whilst i agree they are unrelated (HPV and HIV), i am 26 and thought i was a little young for this sort of issue. The plus side, ive been tested and await the results, the minus is the fear factor of just waiting.

I would say that i am under a little stress. I have a new job in a new country (well, starting 8 months ago). In fact, when i moved i caught the flu, which i never get, and i was totally manic about finding a place to live etc (work didnt help).

I work and play hard, so im not surprised to be a little run down. I juggle playing soccer 2-3 times a week as well. Diet, well im a bit bad, prob too much drink and carbs (no drugs or smoking though).

I guess i was just suprised by having lumps appear by my behind! Actually, thinking about it, they appeared after some harsh abrasion with loo roll (sorry for detail), so i dismissed the lumps as scaring/healing tissue.

Thanks for taking the time to comment.
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HPV doesn't care about your age..if your immune system is  weakened(drinking/smoking/poor diet/"partying hard)..you may want to see a doc to find out what's going on back there..(ps..since hpv can be transmitted from skin to skin contact..anal sex isn't a necessity..don't forget that the vagina and anus are closely situated next to each other and in the heat of the moment things touch..if even briefly
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