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HPV for males

Hello, thank you in advance for your answer. 6 months ago, i had a high unprotected sex about 3 or 4 times (not using condoms). unfortunately i wan't aware of HIV, anyways, i got tested for HIV 4 times and the last time was after 6 months of the last exposure, and all came back negative. Unfortunately, i can not accept the reality of being HIV negative till the moment which happens to most of us ( hope i can find the final answer for it to get relieved). After that, i read about HPV, my concern came back stronger after reading that some types could lead to cancer. Stress level went up high. I have been reading about the types cause cancer for men are rare, and the virus mostly will resolved by its own within 2 years for most of infected people, and it turns to cancer for people who have weak immunity system and smoke a lot, knowing that the last exposure was 6 months ago or more, and i have not had any symptoms such as warts or anything. My concern is about the virus being undetected and turns to cancer suddenly after many years.However, i really hope to find the reassuring answer about it, and if there is a way to find out the virus early, such as routine check ups every 6 months to check if there is any abnormal cells changes. Also, if there are any factors that help to eliminate the virus. I am a bodybuilder, i workout 5 days a weak heavily, and i use supplements like amino acids and protein ( not steroids ), hope that help strengthen my immune system. Sorry for the long post, but i just wanna feel relieve.
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Sorry, i forgot to mention that i am circumcised, just in case that would help.
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Follow up, please any answers!!
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You're suffering from what quite a few sexually active people who have unprotected sex suffer from, namely an overly obsessive fear of STDs. It happened to me and if you peruse this forum you'll find hundreds of posts of people freaking out. Some have reason to as they've got symptoms or have even been diagnosed. Others don't have any symptoms yet are plagued by fear. This is the category you fall into. Obviously, you don't have HIV so let that one go. If you've not had any warts in these six months, let that fear go, to. You probably, and I mean it's highly, highly likely that you don't have warts. As far as the hpv type that can lead to cancer goes, you'll never know. None of us men will ever know so let that one go, too. You have a greater chance of getting stuck by lighting than getting cancer. In the future, know you'll freak the F out if you have unprotected sex and wrap it up. Just think how much mental anguish we could all save if we just wore condoms!
Thank you,i really appreciate your answer. Yes, i dont have any warts so far, but its only been 2 months since last protected sex, so i will have to wait to see. Also, i have been reading about HPV here from some doctors, and i have convinced myself that HPV is a normal virus, even if its the one that could lead to cancer, treating it is easy and no need to panic. The only concern is in the future when i get married that i could infect my wife with if. Thats all what i think about. Thanks again
And i dont know if i should stop having sex even with using condom :(
It really confuses me how many people have sex without even thinking of this virus (i know many are not aware of it like i was), but still if this virus is easy to catch and everyone will or already has it, many have sex regularly with different girls, and they dont suffer or feel anything. !!!
I hear you. Sex is as risky as it is awesome. Don't stop having sex because of that, though. Just wrap it up for one, but also know your partners better. Be mature enough to have an adult conversation about it. Minimize your chances by making safe choices so you can avoid the after effects of anxiety and the years of beating yourself up for such a stupid act.  Anyway, glad you're feeling better.
Thanks again for helping the community. Just one last question,  do we really need to worry about it?  Or we should treat it as a cold as some doctors here said ? I just keep reading stories on the internet and feel stressed sometimes.

If the virus is dormant, could it still be infectious to partner?  
"...do we really need to worry about it?  Or we should treat it as a cold as some doctors here said ?"

Not sure what you refer to here, high risk or low risk hpv, active or dormant?

I only worry about hpv (or any other STD) with new partners. With Tinder and other apps and dating sites, STDs are exploding. Remember that there are many strains of warts and all different types of immune responses. That means that, even though there is a majority common response to infection, anything can and does happen somewhere to someone. If you've gone six months to a year with no warts and definitely over a year without any, I'd cease to worry about being infectious. I'd have unprotected sex at that point without any worries if I was with someone whose status. I trusted

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