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HPV or scar tissue? Please help!

In April I slept with a prostitute and got a genital wart. Before she came over I shaved down there and knicked myself and drew a spec of blood. It stopped bleeding immediately and I didn't think anything of it. It was at the top of my penis shaft where the hair meets the base. I noticed the wart about 2-3 weeks after the encounter in the place where I knicked myself and now I am kicking myself for being so stupid.

Anyway, about a month after the encounter I went to the hospital and the doctor confirmed it was a genital wart and then froze it off. I was given some cream to put on after a few days and it cleared up and went away. I noticed about a couple of weeks later that there was a lump at that spot that looked sort of like another wart, so i went back to get it checked out. The doctor (a different woman) told me that it was probably scar tissue (after inspecting it) and told me not to worry about it.

That was 2-3 months ago and the 'scar tissue' is still there and I think it may have gotten bigger (it's hard to say as the wart and the scar tissue when I first noticed it weren't very big anyway). I think it's gotten bigger and it looks sort of like a wart, a little darker than my skin and raised slightly, sort of the same when it was actually a wart. I can stretch it when I pull the skin either side in opposite directions. The doctor said that if I could do that then it's scar tissue.

My questions are:
- Does this sound like a genital wart reoccurance or is it scar tissue?
- Could scar tissue get slightly bigger over the months following the cyro?
- How long does it take for scar tissue to heal?

Please help!
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can anyone help please?
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could someone please give me some advice?
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Don't take it too hard if people don't respond, it's just because they don't know the answer to your questions. I really wish I could help you, but I don't want to attempt to answer questions I might misinform you on! Any chance you could ring up your Dr to ask about if the scar tissue would get bigger etc? Just wait a month or so, if it is still there and bothering you get it looked at. Having HPV is such a frustrating thing
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It's been 4 months since I first got HPV and 2 months since I was told by the doctor that I have 'scar tissue' in the spot where it used to be.

I went and got it checked again a month ago by another doctor at a STI clinic, but I made the mistake of saying that the last doctor said it was scar tissue before I showed the new doctor. At first the doctor didn't seem to have heard of scar tissue from freezing of warts, but after showing the lump she said it was scar tissue as well.

I'm not sure if its the same size or is a little bit bigger now, but it's still there. It does bother me and I'm thinking about going back again for another opinon and even see if I can get the 'scar tissue' or whatever it is frozen off.

Has anyone ever been through this kind of thing before? Any advice is much appreciated!
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I am struggling with the very same thing. I was diagnosed with HPV more than 5 years ago. I experience a breakout on average every six months. This past year however, the breakouts have become much more frequent. I had sex with someone about two months ago, and about a week after I discovered 3 or 4 clusters of warts on various areas of my penis. I had them all burnt off with liquid nitrogen. Instead of disappearing after a week or two like usual, "scar tissue" has remained on my penis in those areas. It's been a month since I was treated. This is not normal. Does anyone know what is happening here? I have been able to keep a fairly positive attitude about this incredibly frustrating and uncertain condition, however, this time around I am having a hard time and feel myself slipping into a depression. This condition sucks! We need a solution. The dismal state of not having any idea of when it may end is not an acceptable way to live. Please help!!!
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Hello , im 21 years old and i realize had a genitial warts on foreskin of dick on 12 descember 2012. I have my first check with dermatologist 19 Descember 2012.
And the doctor said i get a hpv so it cause the genitial warts. She gave me an aldara and a cream to apply. The warts was clear after 3,4 days ! Im so happy but the next day my my foreskin start to swell and burn . Its so pain . After the foreskin swell for 3 days its getting worst, i try to find another dermatologist after.
The new dermatologist said he cant do anything and cant see anything because its fully swell and red and cremammy. He gave me some pil and another cream. After 10 days its getting cure but the day of 11 the warts came again and on the day 14 before meet the dermatologist .. The warts cure. The doctor say its good nothing to worry. And ask me go back on 2 weeks time again to have a blood test.
In between the 2 weeks , the warts dose no appear anymore but the problem is new scar always appear. The siZe of the scar is not big and appear around 3 per time after cure.its quite frustrated ...2 week past. I back for a blood test . And on the day i met the doctor my foreskin is cured. Again after few days the scar begin.
After 1 week time i back to take blood test result but it shows nothing.
All is non reactive. And the doctor ask me to have a blood test again after 6weeks time. ( i still have 4 weeks to go)
A long time i didn masturbate because i know masturbate will worst the condition if the scar but how come the scar come and go come and go ! And once i apply cream will start burn and so now i just apply baby powder on my foreskin !
When can i start to have a day without apply cream or powder...... In fact.... Im just 20...sorry for my poor english...
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Hy Sam .are you still having real out?
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By Sam r u still having breakouts ?
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Unfortunately, I'm in the same boat as you! I have had a wart on my big toe since I was a kid. At 12yo the doc cut it out. The scar tissue was fine and small for years.

At about 21yo I started to notice the scar tissue getting bigger. The skin was a bit tough, but I wasn't sure. Eventually it was obvious that the wart is still there!

Now I'm having my 3rd treatment of cantharone on the same wart. At 38yo. I think the RNA is deeply embedded in the scar. All it takes is one little ******* strand of RNA that didn't get removed and I have spent the majority of my life, over 25 years trying to free myself from this terrible wart. I want to do yoga and grab my feet without fear. I want to get a foot massage. Ugh.

I am dying to find information about painful warts regrowing on/through scar tissue, and how to get rid of them. Keep searching, and I'm going to ask my podiatrist on the next visit.
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