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HPV reoccurance


A little over a year ago I was dating this guy.. turns out he wasnt such a great person. He sexually assaulted me and left me with GWs as well as chlamydia. Of course the chlamydia was cleared up, but I was infected for months without knowing.. and now I am fearful I will not be able to have children. Also.. I got my first genital wart about 3 months after he disappeared. They were really bad.. took about 6 months to completely clear my first break out through freezing and Aldara. About 4 months after they had cleared I got a single wart, used Aldara and had it cleared and now a few more have showed up.. I will be using Aldara again. I have recently met someone and although we are taking it slow I am very upset, how would I be able to explain this to them? I am also so terrified to go to the doctor incase I hear anymore bad news. Is this going to last forever... seems like it.. maybe I should just remain single.
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Sorry that you experienced this trauma.You need to explain the situation gently to that person and let him know the facts. 50-80% of all sexually active adults who have multile partners either had this virus or will have it, irregardless if they practive safe sex or not. 90% of all peope who are infected make the virus dormant in 6-24 months. Will you be infectious forever?  No. Will the virus always be in your body? Yes. Most women make the virus dormant quicker than men. When you get 2 clear paps, you should be free to lead a normal life. However, the virus can re-activate in you at any time when your immune system is low. The secret to beating this bug is leading a healthy life, not smoking or drinking, taking vitamins, exercising and reducing stress.

For all you know, he could have been exposed too if he has been sexually active. He has no clue about his HPV status because there is no test for men. Safe sex is needed for now, but maybe not forever. Either he will love you warts and all or he won't. Don't let this bug beat you. Email me if you need more advice. Good luck and stay positive somehow.
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I think its best for me to be alone.. Thank you for the advice. I truly appreciate your time.
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