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Hi.  I'm a gay male who has never had any kind of penetrative sex (oral, genital, or anal).  I have participated in mutual masturbation and massage.  I'm wondering how much I am at risk for HPV.  I am pretty much cleared of all other STD's and have been tested, but there is currently no test for HPV for men.  The part that scares me the most is that most strains are asymptomatic (I'm not worried about the strains that cause warts).

I am also planning on getting the vaccine within the next couple of months (I'm 24 years old).  Please someone advise me on the risk of exposure, I stopped doing mutual masturbation since September 2012.  Am I at risk?  Should I worry about this?  Thanks.
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this was low risk for hpv. there are many documented incidents of hpv transmission from hand to genital contact but it's still low risk.

getting your gardasil shot series is the best thing to do :)    it's a 3 shot series so start it sooner rather than later!

should you be worrying about this? no. should you get the vaccinations to be proactive about your health? yes :)

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Thank you Grace

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