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How likely is it that I will pass to my boyfriend?

I have a new boyfriend.  We have been together almost three months and are having sex at this point.  I have not told him about my HPV because I do not have outbreaks and have the understanding that as long as I dont have any symptoms, that I am not active, or contagious.  Is this true?  I am so afraid to tell him, and think if I remain careful, I can avoid passing it without scaring him off with the facts and scary online pics that he'll run into.

Please advise me on what to do to prevent passing it to him.

Also, if I do get symptoms, it's usually one little white bump by my anus.  I tried white vinegar after reading about that home remedy online, but it burnt the skin off the entire area it touched... any better home remedies for quick desolving of the warts?  I also tried sylicic acid for plantars warts.. burns as well, but it says right on the bottle not to use on genital warts... It seems to work though... so is it really dangerous?

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to add to your first question, as per experts, if you don't get any recurrance of warts within 6 months of completing wart removal treatments, you most likely are cured and become non-contagious but a doctor can guarantee you that you don't have the sub-clinical warts either... it is really uncertain and hard to say if you can ever become non-contagious even without visible warts because the possibility of sub-clinical warts is always there... let a doctor or dermatologist confirm you that you didn't get any recurrance of warts within 6 months of your treatment... especially if he can look for the internal warts those you probably can't...

I must tell you that warts are almost always benign (non-cancerous) and have no short or long term complications... for men, it is nothing more than a cosmatic concern but since those are contagious men have to be aware of these...

You simply can't do anything to save your partner from acquring the virus from you even with protection through condoms because condoms do not cover all the genital area ... it is most likely that your partner has already acquired the virus... the solutions those contain less than or equal to 17% of salicylic acid can be used on genital region but you should ask for your doctor's advise if it is right for you... a podophyllotoxin cream that comes with the trade name of condylox or wartec is usually recommended for genital region but you should discuss with your doctor what is right for you... Aldara is also a recommended treatment for genital warts... Apple cidar vinegar can also be used but it requires extra care during application... there are many herbal treatments available but those require a lot of time to heal the lesion... these all are first line therypies and if these don't work your doctor may decide to go for cryotherpy, laser surgery, or excision but usually there is a good success rate with the first line theripies...
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Have you been diagnosed with hpv by a doctor?
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Yes, I have been diagnosed with HPV by my doctor.
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